Sojang Reports Jinni Fired From NMIXX for Visiting With Another Male Model

Jinni Fired From NMIXX: JYP Entertainment’s statement that Jinni will be leaving NMIXX has recently caused a stir in the K-pop community. The announcement stated that Jinni had left the group due to personal reasons, although fans believe she was actually expelled.

Jinni’s latest tweets to followers have piqued their interest in what she has planned for the band. A video captioned “NMIXX JINNI withdrawal +’real’ cause for cancellation of the contract” was uploaded to the infamous rumour YouTube channel Sojang on December 9.

Jinni Fired From NMIXX
Jinni Fired From NMIXX

Sojang said in the video that she had heard rumours and tips about Jinni staying at hotels with another male idol prior to JYPE’s announcement of Jinni’s departure from the group. Sojang revealed that a report had been received that an inexperienced girl group idol member and her boyfriend, who is also an idol, had been staying at a motel.

The anonymous caller reported seeing the rookie girl group member and her boyfriend at many different motels. However, the source was unable to take pictures of the pair because they were constantly in the dark. Sojang continued by saying that Steve from YOUNITE is rumoured to be dating Jinni.

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The YouTuber insisted that because Jinni is still a minor and Steve is over 21, she cannot legally stay at a motel without her parents’ permission. Moreover, if it is determined that Steve was engaging in sexual intercourse with a minor, he could be held criminally liable.

For Sojang, the lack of visual proof cast doubt on the veracity of the tip at first. The YOUNITE and NMIXX Sasaeng fanbases, however, swiftly disseminated the news. On the same day that an anonymous report indicated that Jinni was travelling to her family’s home on a train by herself, a Sasaeng fan said that members of NMIXX were called to the agency.

Also, according to Sojang, Jinni started dating Steve before her debut and never broke up with him. After making her debut, the YouTuber said Jinni was spotted checking into motels while promoting with pink hair.

Sojang’s chat with the informant led him to believe that Jinni was not widely known, explaining how she was able to stay in hotels despite her distinctive hair colour.

Sojang added that everyone at JYP Entertainment knew about Jinni’s dating life beforehand, so the agency hasn’t said anything about it other than to say that it’s her business.

The YouTuber said her audience shouldn’t be mad at the management company because Jinni ruined her career for a guy.

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