Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has been under fire on the internet for his statement that stronger gun legislation in the United States will only benefit “criminals.” After the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school last week that left 19 children and two adults dead, the host of a popular podcast jumped into the discussion about gun control. As the country mourns, there have been calls for a ban on assault guns, with Republican resistance to gun regulations possibly softening.

On the newest episode of his podcast with physicist Lex Friedman, Rogan discussed his views on gun control and stated that he does not believe it is “smart” to confiscate guns from gun owners.

“I don’t think it’s wise to take all the guns away from people and give all the power to the government,” Rogan said. “We see how they are with an armed populace, they still have a tendency towards totalitarianism. And the more increased power and control you have over people, the easier it is for them to do what they do. And it’s a natural inclination, when you’re a person in power, to try to hold more power and acquire more power.”

This view has led to the host of The Joe Rogan Experience facing some criticism on Twitter.

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“Ummmm…Joe Rogan has a podcast where he smokes pot and….well….smokes pot. He’s not really in a position to ‘issue stern warnings’ with any kind of clout and/or authority,” reads one tweet in response.

While another added: “Joe Rogan proves yet again that he is a steroid monkey with zero connection to the real world. if this was true btw Europe would be a hellscape cause they have some pretty tight restrictions on weapons and their cops seem to be doing better than our cowardly pigs right now. [sic]”

While another critic added: “This is where I must part ways with Joe Rogan. The US needs STRICTER gun control laws! Duh!”

Rogan has held this belief for a long time. In 2013, he tweeted that the United States had a “mental health” problem, not a “gun problem.” “This country has a mental health problem disguised as a gun problem and a tyranny problem disguised as a security problem,” he tweeted at the time.

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