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As a character in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, Jolyne Cujo is the main character in Stone Ocean and the deuteragonist of Eyes of Heaven. Jolyne Kujo is the first and only female JoJo, born to Jotaro Kujo. A character named Irene appears at the end of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, strongly implying that she is an alternate universe counterpart to Jolyne. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven were voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, and in the anime, Ai Fairouz, a JoJo series fan, and Kira Buckland, is the voice behind the character.

Jolyne Kujo’s Biography

It wasn’t uncommon for Jolyne to grow up without her father, as Jotaro was always at work. When she was 14, she was mistaken for a suspect in a robbery she didn’t commit and then fled an officer by stealing a motorcycle. Her life as a teen spiraled downward from there. She and her mother pleaded their innocence and begged Jotaro to release her after she was wrongfully arrested and detained in a holding cell. In the end, though, she was sent to juvenile detention because he didn’t believe what she was saying.

Jolyne Kujo

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Jolyne became even more enraged when Jotaro left the family after her mother divorced him. Soon after, she became a member of the Hell Riders gang and became more involved in trouble. At the age of 19, she went on a date with a rich, preppy boy named Romeo, after having cleaned up her act and left the gang. Romeo killed a pedestrian while driving home with Jolyne, and the two were involved in a car accident.

By convincing Jolyne to help him dispose of the body, Romeo was worried that he would be charged with reckless driving and dropped from a university’s waiting list. Jolyne, on the other hand, was discovered at home a few days later and taken into custody.

Stone Ocean: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Ermes Costello, a fellow inmate, helped Jolyne learn the basics of surviving prison during her first transfer. Soon after, she departs to pick up a present from her mother, a pendant that she promptly pricked with her finger while wearing it. When she awoke, she found that she could suddenly unwind herself into a series of strings. Jolyne, on the other hand, decided to stay because of a lack of friends and resources. Gwess, a fellow inmate, had a stand that could shrink people, and she was put in a cell with him. As for Gwess, she had a penchant for making her prey wear shrunken versions of dead animal skins. Due to her superior fighting skills and triumph over Gwess, Jolyne has now become the one who is terrified of her prison cellmate.

Despite Emporio’s warnings, she went to the visitor room when Jotaro Kujo came to visit her later. He had warned her that an enemy stands user was on the prowl for her, but she left him in the face of the threat. Enrico Pucci, a stand user, was able to steal Jotaro’s memory disc and stand disc from the two of them. Jolyne was so shaken by Jotaro’s final words, in which he confessed his love for his daughter, that she stayed behind to look for the discs. The location of a cache of stand discs is revealed to Ermes and Jolyne after the duo defeats an opponent. Foo Fighters, a humanoid plankton colony, guarded the treasure. The colony was defeated after a long and arduous battle between the two. F.F. is saved by Jolyne in spite of Ermes’ protests, and in exchange, he provides them with the stand disc they were searching for. To get into the prison and help Jolyne, the colony disguises a dead body. Jolyne decided to teach F.F. how to play catch with her friends while she was free in the courtyard.

Another prisoner soon approached them and asked them to throw and catch 1000 times for $200. Following their success, the same prisoner offered Ermes and F.F. the same challenge for $1,000, which piqued Ermes’ interest. When a guard gets in the way of the challenge, Ermes loses it and reveals that she stands on her feet. Jolyne and F.F. have to take on another challenge while chasing the enemy stand user until she is defeated and the stolen goods are returned, and Ermes ends up losing money, a gold tooth, and her liver. Later, the Speedwagon Foundation agrees to take the stand disc, and Jolyne is forced to travel through the prison’s male ward.

While she was there, Weather Report, a close friend of Emporio’s, helped her out. Lang Wrangler quickly ambushed the three, forcing them to flee for their lives. As a result of the enemy stand’s power, the stand disc was able to defy gravity. As a result, Weather forced his opponent to bring back gravity by taking on the enemy stand user himself. When Jolyne and Weather finally caught up with Lang, who had used his stand to raise the air, they threw themselves into the pursuit. Using the amnesiac’s own stand, he conjured up oxygen suits for himself and a companion once more. Eventually, Jolyne was able to pull the other stand user into the vacuum she had created for herself. Finally, Lang deactivates his stand, allowing Jolyne to attack him. Fortunately, she was able to donate her CD to the Speedwagon Foundation in the end.”

While Jolyne was searching for Ermes, F.F decides to share the information she received about the latter’s past with the rest of the group. F. F tends to Ermes and Jolyne’s wounds after their fight with Sports Maxx. Later, while searching for DIO’s bone, F. F. and Jolyne came across a large brawl in the male ward. A guard attacked Jolyne in particular, and it turned out that the guard was a stand user. Jolyne was able to dodge the guard’s stand’s meteors numerous times until she was able to headbutt her opponent.

A trip to the swamp with F. F and Anasui led Jolyne to meet up with Anasui, who had been searching for DIO’s bone. A stand capable of shrinking anyone who approached the baby was keeping it safe. Although the fight was avoided due to the stand user’s interest in Jolyne’s birthmark, As a result, F. F. was forced to go in search of the stand’s user after the baby was swallowed by it. They were also forced to stay with the enemy stand, which was hostile and melted their tongues. Jolyne and Anasui were forced to stay with the enemy stand. Using a frog brain implant, the male prisoner was able to stop the stand’s attack. Although F. F. made a mistake, the group ended up being caught in an ambush. Fortunately, Jolyne arrived just in time for F. F. to speak to her before she died of cancer.

A warden later put Jolyne and Emporio in a maximum-security ward. There was a chance that the two of them could only remember a certain amount of information because of the warden’s position. When Jolyne was finally able to track down and defeat her opponent, she did so by writing notes on her arm about things she needed to remember. A helicopter was offered to Jolyne’s group after they were freed from prison. A hostile stand armed with rods attacked them on the helipad, though they couldn’t see them. By setting herself on fire, Jolyne was able to distract her opponent, who was then persuaded to do the same to himself. Jolyne and her team continued their journey after Jolyne had finished questioning her opponent.

Another enemy stand attacked them when they arrived at their destination. This one could dig up the past and trap targets in it. It wasn’t long before Jolyne and Ermes found an oddity that allowed them to escape the plane and defeat the enemy stand user. It wasn’t long before the two were transformed into snails by Weather’s powered stand, Heavy Weather. Due to a distraction, Pucci was able to defeat Weather, and Heavy Weather’s influence on the group was eliminated. They arrive at Cape Canaveral soon after, where Pucci has already developed a stand that can redirect gravity. Jolyne was able to avoid this by knotting her body into the shape of a Mobius strip, which allowed him to turn people inside out.

As the team neared victory over Pucci, his defense evolved to its final form. Group members gasp in disbelief as the priest regains control of the situation. When Jotaro had stopped time, Pucci dropped a large number of knives on Jolyne. In the end, he had to give up his life in order to save her. After the deaths of Ermes and Anasui, Jolyne decided to send Emporio away by tying him to a dolphin. She fought Pucci in a final duel, but she died off-screen.

Capabilities and Powers

Stone Free… because I want to be free of this stone ocean’! “

Free Stone Guessing for Jolyne

For physical combat, Jolyne’s Stone Free is a formidable weapon that is both powerful and fast. In addition, she can freely manipulate her body by unraveling it into a string, usually starting with her hands.


  • The butterfly is a common representation of Jolyne. On her shirt, she has a beautiful butterfly design, which symbolizes her innocence and entrapment in life.
  • Even if it’s her mother calling her “JoJo,” Jolyne is the only JoJo who doesn’t like being called “JoJo.”
  • She is the second main JoJo in the film to fall short of defeating the film’s villain. Jonathan Joestar is the first.
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime voice actresses Fairouz Ai and Kira Buckland are huge fans of the series and of JoJo herself, and they have both said that being cast as Jolyne has been a lifelong dream come true.
  • Jolyne is the only main character in the Eyes of Heaven storyline to be brainwashed by Heaven Ascension DIO.