Jonathan Knight’s Net Worth, Lifestyle, Girlfriend, And Biography

American musician Jonathan Knight has a $14 million fortune. As a member of the New Kids on the Block, Jonathan Knight gained widespread fame. Their self-titled debut album went triple platinum in the United States, and they sold over 70 million albums worldwide. During the “Face the Music” tour in 1994, Knight quit the band, leading to its original dissolution. In addition to two American Music Awards and a Grammy nomination, the band also won a Grammy.

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After New Kids on the Block, Knight did not continue in show business but instead became a successful real estate developer in his own Florida. The first episode of his HGTV show, “Farmhouse Fixer,” aired in 2021.

Jonathan Knight’s Early Life

Knight was born on November 29, 1968, in Boston, Massachusetts; he was the fifth of six children. Both of his Canadian parents, Marlene and Allan Knight, were born and raised in Ontario. Knight was a lifelong member of the church choir and an avid attendee of the local Episcopal church. His singing ability, along with that of his younger brother Jordan, was recognized there.

Jonathan Knight’s Personal Life

Knight revealed his anxiety and panic attacks during his time with NKOTB several years after he left the band. In 2000, he admitted that his anxiety issue was exacerbated by the band’s hectic traveling schedule and the frequent attention he received from the media. Even though Knight denied it, he came out as gay in a National Enquirer report from 2009. Knight announced his sexual orientation in 2011; the same year, alleged ex-girlfriend and pop sensation Tiffany came out as gay.

Knight insists he was always open about his sexual orientation; he simply decided not to publicly come out. Knight’s partner Harley Rodriguez is a personal trainer, and they’ve been together since 2008. The couple competed in Season 29 of The Amazing Race in 2015 and finished in ninth place. One year later, in 2016, while on vacation in Africa, Knight proposed to Rodriguez, and the two have been engaged ever since. They are currently cohabitating in Knight’s Massachusetts farmhouse.

Formation of New Kids on the Block

Donnie Wahlberg, his older brother of Jordan, persuaded Knight to join New Kids on the Block when he was 16 years old. After finding success with groups like New Edition, talent agent Mary Alford was requested by producer Maurice Starr to find the next great boyband. Wahlberg’s younger brother, Mark, and buddies Jamie Kelly and Danny Wood rounded out the initial five-man lineup. Mark and Jaime left the group after a few months, and 12-year-old Joey McIntyre replaced them.

The band, led by Starr and previously known as Nynuk, changed their name to New Kids on the Block after being signed by Columbia Records. The band rehearsed after school and on weekends (NKOTB). Despite Starr’s best efforts, the group’s 1986 self-titled debut album failed to resonate with listeners.

NKOTB Success

They wanted to get away from Starr’s bubblegum-pop sound, so band members were more involved in the second album’s creative process. Single “Please Don’t Go Girl” was published in 1988 and peaked at #10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles Chart. As the band began touring and MTV began playing more of the album’s tracks, “Hangin’ Tough,” which included the hit single, skyrocketed in popularity.

NKOTB enjoyed a great deal of success in the early 1990s. In 1990, the band issued their third studio album, titled “Step by Step,” which featured more original material created by its members. The band traveled all over the world, stopping in Europe and Asia along the way. As the band toured in support of their fourth studio album, “Face the Music,” Knight began to suffer from anxiety and eventually chose to quit.

Other Professional Pursuits

Knight has been successful in his business life since quitting NKOTB. Knight decided to go into business instead of following in the footsteps of his fellow band mates who moved on to acting or solo music careers. Since then, he has been quite successful in the real estate industry in Massachusetts, where he was born and raised.

After his departure from NKOTB, Knight launched a second career in home renovation. His current residence is an antique farmhouse that he has lovingly restored. HGTV clearly saw potential in him, because in March of 2021, they debuted Knight’s new remodeling show, Farmhouse Fixer. The series centers on the restoration of historic New England farmhouses.

NKOTB Reunion

Knight and the other four members of NKOTB announced in 2008 that the band will be rejoining after several unsuccessful reunion attempts over the years. The band’s first album in 14 years, “The Block,” was released later that year. It was released at the top of the Billboard Top Pop Albums chart and was followed by a lengthy tour across the United States, Canada, and some of Europe. They had Lady Gaga and Natasha Bedingfield opening for them on the tour.

The band had kept up their worldwide tour, playing shows with and supporting stars like the Backstreet Boys, Jordin Sparks, 98 Degrees, Boyz II Men, TLC, and Nelly. One of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was dedicated to them in 2014. A new music video for NKOTB’s “Boys in the Band (Boy Band Anthem)” was released in 2019, paying homage to a variety of well-known boy bands. Members of other boy bands such as New Edition, N-Sync, and Naughty by Nature all made cameo appearances in the video.

Jonathan Knight Net Worth $40 Million

Jonathan grew up in a large family and worked at a pizza parlor and a local Burger King before forming the band New Kids on the Block with his younger brother, Jordan. In the church where his father served as a priest, he also sang in the choir. The band formed in 1984 and became hugely successful over the next decade, selling over 80 million albums and garnering countless accolades. The band tried to cover up Knight’s departure from the band during the tour for their 1994 album “Face the Music,” but eventually acknowledged that they were parting.

Jonathan and the rest of the original New Kids on the Block wouldn’t return to the spotlight again until 2008. In 2008, they launched a new album titled “The Block” and appeared on television to promote it. They also resumed touring North America and found success on the charts. Before they got back together, Jonathan was a real estate investor in Massachusetts. Prior to the reunion, he had also been a recluse, declining numerous interview requests. In 2011, he joined MTV’s True Life series to counsel viewers experiencing anxiety and other mental health issues.

Prior to his departure with New Kids on the Block, Knight had been diagnosed and treated for an anxiety disorder. Regarding his private life, Jonathan was rumored to have dated 1990s pop diva Tiffany at one point (Renee Darwish). Both Tiffany and Knight initially assured the public that they were not dating, but later an ex-boyfriend of Knight’s came out as gay. He came clean about it and insisted he’s never tried to hide it. He’s been with his girlfriend Harley Rodriguez since 2008; the couple has even competed in “The Amazing Race” together.

Rumors say that the two are married, but neither they nor their representatives have verified that. He has also admitted feeling nervous about performing in front of large audiences. He is currently based at a farm in Essex, MA.