Joseph Herbert Jr. Net worth And Career Details 2022!

Joseph Herbert Jr. Net worth: When it comes to the entertainment industry, it is not uncommon for parents and their children to work in the same industries. No matter how hard you try, it’s never easy to carry on your parents’ heritage. However, several noteworthy children have not only done so but have also become more successful as a result.

He is one of many famous offspring who have followed in their father’s footsteps. Joseph Herbert Jr.’s father, one of the most well-known comedians, Jo Koy, is well-liked, but few are aware of his son’s abilities. Jo Koy’s eldest son is the subject of this biography.

  • NameJoseph Herbert Jr.
  • Full Name- Joseph Herbert Jr.
  • Age- 19 years
  • Birth Date- 04/21/2003
  • Birth Country- United States of America
  • Place Of Birth- California
  • Zodiac sign – Taurus

Joseph Herbert Jr. Early Life and Family

Joseph Glenn Herbert, also known as Jo Koy, and Angie King had a son, Joseph Herbert Jr., on April 21, 2003. He was raised by himself in California, where he was born and raised. In 2017, he graduated from St. Mel School in Woodlands, California, a catholic high school.

When Joseph Herbert Jr. was a small child, his parents split. As a result of their divorce, they decided to split custody of their son. Co-parenting their son has gone exceptionally well between the two ex-partners.

Joseph Jr. lives with his father in California. The father-son team is extremely close and always has each other’s backs no matter what comes their way. Joe posts images of him and his father on the road while praising his father’s accomplishments. Joseph also frequently joins his father on stage during his performances.

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Both Joseph Herbert Jr. and his mother have a tight relationship, as evidenced by the frequent praise they give one another on their Instagram accounts. “Happy Birthday Mommy” was the caption used on May 30, 2021, by the child to wish his mother a happy birthday “I adore you, mother. Congratulations on another year of life.”

Was Joseph Herbert Jr. Affected by His Parents’ Divorce?

For a long time, Angie and Jo Koy have been divorced. It’s no secret that Joseph Herbert Jr.’s parents are private people who don’t like to talk about their private lives. Both of Joseph Jr.’s parents are extremely protective of him and do everything they can to ensure he has a comfortable life.

According to a recent interview with Joseph’s father, the two men are good friends and don’t mind at all if their son spends time with each other. The fact that Joseph Herbert Jr.’s parents are divorced doesn’t stop them from being wonderful co-parents. Angie King’s Instagram, which provided the image in question.

From their Instagram posts, it’s clear that the family is adapting well to their new living environment Herbert’s parents appear to be quite close and always urge one other to accomplish better, as evidenced by Joseph Herbert Jr’s performance in school.

In fact, Joseph’s mother even moved into the same house as her ex-husband during the 2020 pandemic so that both of them could spend equal amounts of time with the boy. When it comes to marriage, there may be a rift between Joseph Herbert Jr.’s parents, but that has not altered the way they treat their son or daughter.

It doesn’t matter how many years they’ve been apart; the two remain great friends. Joseph Herbert Jr. is still in his twenties, therefore he hasn’t yet made a name for himself. Jo Koy’s son is currently in college and focused on his education rather than any other extracurricular activities.

By taking his son to his performances, Joseph’s father shows that he cares for him.  He is in awe of his father’s hard work and accomplishments. Children often look up to and emulate their parents. It’s possible that Joseph will one day follow in his father’s footsteps.

Joseph Herbert Jr.’s Net Worth And Career

Then again, Joseph’s mother is a well-known figure in the entertainment sector as well. Along with her role as a wonderful mother, she is also a skilled artist and composer. Her son Joseph has always been supportive of his mother’s job decision since Angie began working as a musician in 2019.

It’s not out of the question that Joseph Herbert Jr. will carry on one or both of his parents’ legacies. However, it’s also possible that Joseph decides to pursue a new job route or take a different approach to life. The young man likes to travel and enjoys a rich lifestyle, which he shares with his friends.


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For the most part, Cleary Joseph’s parents are well-off enough to allow him to live the life he wants. His father, Jo Koy, is said to have a net worth of $5 million. It’s possible that the child will one day be more famous than both of his parents together, and that he or she will even outweigh their wealth.

Does Joseph Herbert Jr. Have a Girlfriend?

There is no evidence of Joseph having a romantic relationship based on his Instagram profile. Despite his apparent interest in dating, the child appears to be too preoccupied with traveling with his parents. Since Joseph Herbert Jr. began college as a junior in 2019, it’s safe to assume that the young man is prioritizing his studies.

In other words, he could still be looking for the proper person. Because of this, it is also possible that the celebrity kid is keeping his personal life out of the public eye. If that’s the case, Joseph Herbert Jr. has done a great job of concealing his relationships.

Final Lines

However things turn out, Jo Koy’s son appears to be relishing his youth and living life to the fullest. Please do not expect us to wait long until we can meet Joseph Herbert Jr. and his fiancee at some point in the future!