Josuke Higashikata Personality, Biography of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!

High school freshman Josuke lives in Morioh, Japan. This information comes to light soon after his meeting with Jotaro Kujo, who claims to have fathered his child with Joseph Joestar. As a result, he decides to defend his town from the evil Stand users. Josuke uses the “Crazy Diamond” Stand. Japanese voice actors who have portrayed Josuke include Wataru Hatano, Yki Ono, Y Taichi, and Y Taichi as a child in the anime and various Ultra Jump commercials. Billy Kameez voiced Josuke in English, while Maureen Price voiced him as a child. Kento Yamazaki plays him in the live-action film adaptation of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.

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Josuke Higashikata’s Personality

Except when his rockabilly/Elvis-pompadour hairstyle is insulted, Josuke is a mild-mannered peacenik. His feral and violent persona comes out in full force as soon as he hears the insult. While enraged, Josuke may not be able to fix everything perfectly, and he goes completely blind as a result.

Josuke Higashikata’s Biography

In 1983, an affair resulted in the birth of Josuke. He was born in Tokyo to Joseph Joestar and Tomoko Higashikata, who didn’t know they had a son until 1999. As a result of Josuke’s inability to deal with a stand following DIO’s arrow self-immolation, the Joestar family began to fall apart. On the way to the hospital, he and his mother were caught in a snowstorm. However, a man with a pompadour saved their life. Josuke got his hairstyle from this man, and he took it personally when anyone made fun of it.

Diamond Is Unbreakable In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

After Jotaro asked Koichi for directions, Josuke made his first appearance in the scene. When a group of bullies confronted him while he was assisting a tortoise in returning to a pond. Even when they threw the tortoise out the window, he went along with it at first. Upon receiving an attack on his hair, this respectful demeanor abruptly ceased to exist. One of the bullies was severely injured as a result of Josuke’s use of Crazy Diamond, and Jotaro was made aware of the teen’s stand as a result of the incident. Joe and Jotaro decided to sit down for some conversation, at which point Jotaro explained that Josuke will be receiving some portion of Joseph’s will, as well as a warning that Morioh is full of evil stand users.

Josuke Higashikata Personality

On his way to school, Josuke accidentally enraged Jotaro’s target, a murderer named Angelo, who was using the enemy stand. Before sending his stand to Josuke’s house, the enemy stands user began spying on the family, and after killing his grandfather, the teenager realized that his stand could not bring the dead back to life. Stakeout: He and Jotaro set up a perimeter around Angelo’s hideout. A few days later, the rains came, trapping the two inside their leaking home. Josuke was able to trick the enemy stand user and imprison the stand in a rubber glove after avoiding it numerous times.

Angelo revealed the existence of Keicho Nijimura and the origin of the stands to the two. When the enemy stands user accidentally insulted Josuke’s hair, he was frozen and then fused into a rock. Josuke and Koichi were going to check out a house the next day when Okuyasu got in the way.

This advantage allowed Keicho to shoot the arrow at Koichi. As Okuyasu tried, Josuke was able to defeat him by allowing him to pull flower pots towards his face. When Josuke first entered the house, Okuyasu was attempting to attack the teenager and Keicho’s stand almost hit him. Even though he doesn’t know why Josuke heals him and explains why. Before departing, he decides to assist Josuke in retrieving an unconscious Koichi.

When Keicho’s stand was revealed to be an army of toy soldiers called “Bad Company,” Josuke and Koichi were suddenly attacked by the soldiers. When Josuke found himself in a fight with Keicho, the only way he could win was by resurrecting an exploding missile. Before Josuke decided to help his father, Keicho explained his backstory to the two of them. He was able to see Red Hot Chili Pepper, an enemy stand, take Keicho from his sight right away. Okuyasu showed up on Josuke’s doorstep a day later, announcing that he was now attending school.

Koichi’s first encounter with Tamami was aided by him at some point in the future. After Koichi defeated the scammer, the two received information about an enemy stands user, a student named Hamada, who was a threat to the group. Eventually, the two found him and his stand, which was able to control Josuke. In order to defeat Hazamada, he and Koichi chased after the enemy’s stand user and healed two men who had been beaten up by him. A few days later, he made the decision to assist Koichi in dealing with Yukako Yamagishi, who had become fixated on him due to their previous encounter. Slandering him is what Josuke and Okuyasu decide to do to keep her away. Instead of finding a way to rescue Koichi, the two young people find themselves on the run.

On another occasion, he accompanied Okuyasu to a newly opened Italian restaurant. However, despite the owner’s odd behavior, they decide to order some food. Okuyasu suffered a variety of horrifying consequences as a result of this, all of which quickly healed. After becoming suspicious, Josuke restored a plate of spaghetti to its original form, revealing the stand. He dashed into the kitchen and found Tonio cooking something that had caused his intestines to burst open. When Josuke realized the chef’s stand was not what he thought it was, the misunderstanding was quickly cleared up, and he was later ordered to clean the kitchen for having entered without the proper attire.

During the search for Red Hot Chili Pepper, he is part of the team. Josuke was able to rescue Okuyasu from a power line by reattaching his severed hand to him. The Red Hot Chili Peppers stand user appeared on the docks, and he was tasked with guarding the area. He later joined Koichi. The team was victorious thanks to Josuke’s victory over the enemy stand user. It wasn’t long before Josuke and his father discovered an invisible baby that they had to protect from a variety of dangers. Although Joseph spent a large portion of Josuke’s money on baby products, Josuke still lost money.

After noticing Koichi’s strange behavior, he and Okuyasu decided to investigate Rohan Kishibe’s house. The mangaka quickly had Josuke in his crosshairs, and he was forced to charge at him in a blind rage. Fortunately for him, Rohan made the blunder of insulting the mangaka’s hair, which gave him the advantage he needed. Later that week, he and Jotaro decided to go rat hunting with stands and took care of two more rats. While Josuke was able to take out both of them, the second one proved to be more challenging. When Josuke got a clear shot at the rat, Jotaro ended up having to use himself as bait.

In a time of need, Josuke turned to Okuyasu for assistance. Shigechi, a short stand user, and his stand Harvest befriended the two. Okuyasu discovers a lottery ticket that had won one of the prizes while going through the many items that Harvest had collected. When Shigechi steals the ticket and tries to flee, he ends up on a roof, which the teens were able to climb, and things go from bad to worse. However, when they arrived, Harvest had rendered them unable to act. In contrast, Okuyasu was able to use his stand to steal Shigechi’s ticket and trick him into abandoning his stand. In the end, the three of them were able to divide the money fairly.

They track down the Morioh serial killer. He arrived on the scene and immediately began to heal the two victims before realizing that Yoshikage Kira was the serial killer. In the midst of the chase, he and Okuyasu saw him flee and change his appearance. Josuke joins the main cast later in the investigation of a serial killer, and he has a lot to contribute. Once inside, they discovered that a stand had kept them there. Thanks to Jotaro, they were able to successfully counter the enemy stand and escape the house.

In the future, he came across a teenager who appeared to be from another planet. As a result, Josuke decided to put him to use in a bet with Rohan. The mangaka was irritated to the point of forgetting that his house had burned down after a series of defeats. Even though Josuke had managed to make his way out, he decided to investigate a nearby transmission tower and discovered it to be an enemy base. After learning that it could reflect damage, the two of them decide to attack it. However, the alien came through for Josuke with his help and they were able to defeat their enemy stand user and get out of the situation safely.

Josuke found Rohan being drained by an enemy stand as he walked through a tunnel later. Josuke tracked down the enemy stand user with the help of Koichi after a long chase. To find Koichi, he enlists the aid of Yuya Fungami, the same user who helped him locate Terunosuke Miyamoto’s kidnapped son. Josuke was kidnapped by the kidnapper, leaving Yuya to deal with the situation on his own. Before Josuke could finish the job and turn Terunosuke into a book, he managed to elude the kidnapper.

Hayato was able to call Josuke, who had arrived at the intersection with Okuyasu, before the final battle. When they discovered Kira, they didn’t have to activate Bites the Dust. Expansive bubbles created by Stray Cat were Kira’s secret weapon after a long standoff. When the bubble popped, Okuyasu was blown up, forcing Josuke and Hayato to flee. As soon as he realized he’d been followed, the teenager grabbed a photo of Kira’s father from his jacket of Hayato. When Josuke accepted Kira, he tricked Kira into killing his own father.

However, Okuyasu saved the teenager’s life by using his stand to dislodge the air bubble and pull Stray Cat out of Killer Queen’s body. A few days later, Josuke appears with Jotaro and Joseph to say goodbye to Kira after Reimi has gone to heaven. However, he stole Joseph’s wallet before he left.

A Person’s Capabilities and Strengths

Jotaro’s Star Platinum-style short-range Stand with the added ability to restore anything to its original state. Damage and injury can be repaired, and complex structures can be reverted back to their original state (e.g. a table into its constituent timber). An object can also be fused with a person, for example. Faster than the speed of light, this Stand’s blows can be delivered.

How Strong is Josuke Higashikata? 



  • In an interview conducted around the time of JoJo: Steel Ball Run, Araki stated that Josuke is his favorite character. He explains that because he lived in the same neighborhood as Josuke, he formed a close bond with him and viewed him as a mentor or a friend. When it comes to heroes, Jotaro stood out from the rest.
  • Bug-Eaten and Yoshihiro Kira are the only JoJos Josuke have killed, with the latter also being an indirect kill.
  • Anjuro Katagiri and Terunosuke Miyamoto, despite this, are condemned to be confined to an object for the rest of their lives and cannot do anything by lament their current situation by Josuke.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Josuke have 4 balls? 

Appearance. In his twenties, Josuke is a tall, handsome, and athletic young man. On his left shoulder, Josuke has a diastema between his upper teeth and a star-shaped birthmark. A man with four testicles and two tongues joined together has four sets of irises and two sets of testicles.

What is Josuke Higashikata personality?

Personality. Josuke is a bright, self-assured, and fearless adolescent. Throughout the story, he develops friendships thanks to his friendly and loyal demeanour. Guilty as charged for the safety of Morioh, Josuke is best known for his stand, Crazy Diamond, which restores and heals.

Is Josuke JoJo’s son?

Tomoko Higashikata is the mother of the protagonist of “Diamond Is Unbreakable,” Josuke Higashikata, a Japanese woman. Despite the fact that his name only contains one “jo,” he is referred to as a “JoJo,” perhaps because he is the son of a Joestar, despite the fact that he did not inherit the surname.

Who is the most powerful JoJo out there?

This is because Giorno Giovanna’s stand, Golden Experience, has evolved into Golden Experience Requiem, making him the most powerful JoJo currently.