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BTS Member Jungkook Will Travel To Qatar On Private Plane

BTS Member

BTS Member

BTS Member Jungkook Will Travel To Qatar On Private Plane. According to a source on Monday, Jungkook of BTS will depart Seoul on Tuesday and fly to Doha, Qatar via chartered jet. After the report, Big Hit Music, the label, refused to confirm the itinerary.

On Sunday, he’ll be present for the opening ceremony for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. On Sunday, his management team confirmed that he will be a part of the ceremonial performance and the official event music.

The football organisation has announced that prior to the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador, six or seven performers from around the world would play on the opening stage. There has been conjecture that he will be a part of the promotion for the quadrennial tournament when he visited the host country on his own last month.

Aespa to launch reality show

On Monday, it was reported by local media that the girl group aespa would premiere its debut reality show the following month. The foursome has wrapped filming for a reality show in which they visit popular spots in Gangwon Province. Wave, an OTT service provider, will carry the programme.

Two years ago, with the release of “Black Mamba,” the quintet made their debut. Since then, they have produced other successful singles, including “Next Level,” “Savage,” and “Girls.” As part of the iScreaM project from ScreaM Records, the EDM division of the company, a new remix of “Girls” was released last month.

BTS Member

A second EP with the same name was released in July, with the song serving as the lead single; it has since sold over 1.64 million copies. With over 1.12 million copies sold in its first week, it broke records as the first album by a K-pop female group to sell over 1 million copies.

Chen of EXO releases his first solo album in three years

In a press conference conducted on Monday, EXO‘s Chen described his third solo EP as “a new beginning.” It’s been almost three years since his last solo EP, “Dear My Dear,” and now he’s back with “Last Scene.” The singer acknowledged that he has undergone significant transformation over the past decade and that he aimed to present his current self rather than his earlier one.

According to him, “I have changed” as a result of all that has happened to him in the past three years. After being married, having children, and serving in the military, he persuaded himself it was time to start over.

There are a total of six songs on the new EP, one of which is the album’s namesake. “The first time I heard it, I felt so empty and alone… “I’ve given it a lot of thought,” he remarked. It’s not a ballad, but he said he picked it as the lead single because of how much it resembled his own music.

Oh My Girl’s YooA to prove herself again with 2nd solo EP

On Monday, YooA of Oh My Girl showcased her second solo EP, titled “Selfish,” for the media. After nearly two years have passed since her first “Bon Voyage,” the performer is understandably worried and nervous. “I can’t express how relieved I am to be back to flying solo again… I’m really excited to perform YooA’s music as a solo artist,” she remarked.

She’s gone for a more high-brow theme this time, and the thought of shifting away from the picture of the daydreaming girl gives her pause. The high expectations brought on by her debut EP’s popularity were a burden, but she kept telling herself that her efforts will pay off in the end.

Her next statement, “Hopefully there will not be too many boundaries to YooA as a solo musician,” was accompanied by the words, “And I also believe in myself.”

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