BTS’ Jungkook’s Instagram Stories Cause A Twitter Meme Festival

Jungkook of BTS took to Instagram on Wednesday, posting two stories that mixed up his followers. Those who followed Jungkook’s career speculated on the meaning of the short video clips he uploaded.  The video samples that Jungkook released were too small for easy comprehension. As expected, the posts sparked a wave of memes on social media. Jungkook’s Instagram stories cause a Twitter meme festival for his fans as everyone starts making memes on this. Here are some tweets:

In response, some netizens’ comments included:

“What is this? LOL. So tiny.”

“What? LOLL.”

“Jungkook is so cute.”

“He’s driving me nuts. LOL.”

“LOL. He is so cute.”

“Maknae, there must be a reason you’re being like this.”

“Jungkook, where did you go?? Did you upload the sky because it was pretty?”

“Baby, where did you go? Why did you post such a tiny thing? Lol.”

“Did he post it by accident? LOL.”

“Jungkook’s unique energy. Lollll.”

“Can someone tell me what that is?”

“He’s testing the vision of the ARMYs, who are all probably squinting at it using a magnifying glass. Lollll.”

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