If You’re Just Starting Out With K-dramas, Here Are Six to Watch

K-dramas: If you have been saved from K-fever and are wondering what it is about Korean entertainment that has made people go crazy for it, there is no single answer. And the only way to find out is to watch K-dramas yourself. This genre has it all, from cute high school romance to intriguing mythological thrillers, and it is very likely that it will keep you hooked for hours.


So, if you’re new to the K-world and want to watch K-dramas, here’s a list to get you started. Squid Game, a show that sensationalized and was on Netflix’s hit charts for months worldwide, may appear to be a simple game show dealing with complex issues such as corruption, class differences, humanity, desperation, and the economy.

The show’s ending is a knockout, and it makes you think about how survival and the need for money are universal across cultures. Lee Young-Joon, the consortium’s vice president, has a perfect appearance and exceptional ability. And his personal secretary Kim Mi So is the only one who assists him in problem-solving.

She has always been with him and has full ability after working for him for 9 years. Lee Young-Joon made every effort to keep her after she abruptly resigned one day. If that wasn’t enough, they have a very odd relationship, one in which someone dresses on you endlessly even as part of their duty and you turn a blind eye to her, watching more to find out his eye-opener moment, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is streaming on Netflix.

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