K-Pop Generation Documentary Teaser is Released by TVING!

The “K-Pop Generation” major teaser from TVING has been made public. The trailer opens with a never-before-told tale of Kpop’s origins as seen through the bright eyes of several K-pop performers (including LE SSERAFIM, EXO, Stray Kids, NCT, and Super Junior), industry insiders, and fans.

Expectations are high as people wait to witness how K-pop, a popular genre worldwide, is filmed both inside and outside Korea. Additionally, fans may anticipate commentary from some of their favorite groups, including ENHYPEN, IVE, MAMAMOO, SHINee, (tribute to jonghyun)NiziU, 2 PM, TXT, Highlight, and more.

Putting aside the stigma associated with producing idol music, the documentary will highlight the work musicians put in, fandom, and the evolution of how artists interact with their audiences. In this documentary, K-pop musicians active on the international scene will be prominently featured, from the history of music video production to their influence on fan makers.

K-Pop Generation
K-Pop Generation

The documentary will also cover fan culture, including the enthusiasm with which people support musicians and the love with which those same artists show their support for their followers. January 26 will see the debut of TVING’s “K-Pop Generation.”


A joint venture between CJ E&M (CJ Group), Naver, and JTBC, TVING Corporation runs the South Korean online streaming service TVING (Korean). It is a site where dramas, comedies, and exclusive television movies and specials are streamed. CJ HelloVision introduced TVING on May 31, 2010.

CJ E&M took over the service in January 2016. An MOU to form a joint venture business to run the service was signed by CJ E&M and JTBC on September 17, 2019. Yang Ji-eul was appointed as the organization’s first CEO on October 1, 2020, when the joint venture business officially began operating as TVING Corporation.

TVING announced on April 29, 2021, that real-time TV channels would no longer be free; instead, a paid subscription would be required to access the programming. Following CJ E&M as the second-largest shareholder at 15%, it was revealed on June 30, 2021, that Naver had invested 40 billion into TVING Corporation.

They announced plans to introduce the service in Japan and Taiwan by 2022 at the TVING Connect online event. To establish the platform in other Asian nations, TVING is engaged in further discussions with Naver subsidiary Line Corporation. TVING may soon begin broadcasting in America and Europe.

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