K-Pop Groups That Regretfully Split In 2022

K-Pop Groups That Regretfully Split in 2022. In 2022, there were many exciting developments in the k-pop world, including the debuts of many exciting new groups and the release of many excellent new albums. Of course, there is always some bad news to go along with the good.

In 2022, we had to bid farewell to several of our favorite bands as they prepared to disband. Each group has its unique allure, so when one disbands, it’s sad because it means less exposure for the remaining members.

For this reason, many groups avoid the phrase “disbandment,” which suggests that members may perhaps come together again, even though this is not always the case. We’ll be looking at some of the organizations that received such bad news this year; tell us which organization’s news hit you the most in the comments.

April (Disbanded January 28, 2022)

After going on hiatus for quite some time due to the bullying situation among the members, DSP’s girl group April finally split in the early part of this year. Almost all of the group’s promotional activity ceased after 2020, and they ultimately chose to split up.

In 2020, April was one of the most promising new acts, and their single “LALALILALA” was a hit, therefore their demise was met with widespread dismay from their audience.

Nu’est (Disbanded March 14, 2022)

After 10 (sometimes troubled) years together, NU’EST has decided to call it quits. Informally, they dissolved their relationship with PLEDIS on this day, but technically, they disbanded. Although the band hasn’t officially announced its disbandment, this may be a favorable indicator for their future endeavors.

Hot Issue (Disbanded April 22, 2022)

The rookie group HOT ISSUE broke up after only one year of promotion. After much deliberation with their management company S2 Entertainment, the group decided to split.

Lunarsolar (Disbanded May 22, 2022)

In May of 2022, after members of LUNARSOLAR terminated their contracts with their management company J Planet, the band announced their dissolution. They made their debut in September 2020, and after nearly two years of touring together, they split up.

Clc (Disbanded June 6, 2022)

CLC also delivered bad news as they announced their breakup shortly after the group’s seventh anniversary. They broke up because the seven-year curse was too much to bear.

Bling Bling (Disbanded July 26, 2022)

BLING BLING, another female group, has also said they will be breaking up. Although BLINGBLING debuted the same year as aespa, they were ultimately doomed to disband because of financial difficulties.

Dia (Disbanded September 17, 2022)

The dissolution of DIA was the most recent such announcement. There were high hopes for their 2015 debut as a member of the same entertainment agency as T-ara. After seven long years together, the girls have broken up. In September, they said their final goodbyes to their fans with the publication of a final album.

Any announcement of a band’s dissolution is guaranteed to be devastating to its devoted following. Despite the fact that we are no longer able to interact with these groups, we want every one of their members to know that we wish them the best of luck in whatever they choose to do.

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