K-pop Legend Cho Yong-pil Will Return After 9 Years

K-pop Legend Cho Yong-pil Will Return After 9 Years. According to his management company, Cho Yong-Pil, a living veteran of the Korean pop scene, will return this Friday with his first release in nine years.

A new single by the 72-year-old artist, titled “Road to 20-Prelude 1,” will be released tonight at 6 p.m., according to YPC Company. The first single from the K-pop legend in his 54-year career, and the first release since 2013’s “Hello,” his nineteenth studio album.

According to a statement released by his management company, “Road to 20-Prelude 1” serves as a “kind of lead single” for the artist’s upcoming 20th studio album, which is expected to be released in late 2023.

K-pop Legend Cho Yong-pil
K-pop Legend Cho Yong-pil

To further commemorate the 55th anniversary of his debut, Cho intends to release a mini-album in the first half of 2019 that will feature a few of the songs that will be on the upcoming studio album. The next single album features two songs, “Moment” and “Like Serengeti,” which approximately translates as “Moment” and “Like Serengeti” respectively.

Both were penned by popular Korean songwriter Kim Eana and produced abroad. A pivotal moment in life is captured in the pop-rock song “Moment.” Kim explained the song’s meaning by saying, “It’s because of the moment,'” changes occur to the one who seems the most consistent.

“And in some moments, the distance between people becomes impossibly vast.” The uplifting theme of “Like Serengeti” is that individuals should expand their restricted perspective once more, like a huge plain, and live fearlessly in a world where infinite possibilities are spread out before them.

Cho noted that the first time he heard the song’s demo, it reminded him of the vastness of Serengeti’s land and sky, which he had seen roughly 20 years prior. The musician has wanted to write a song about the Serengeti since his 1999 visit there at the request of the Tanzanian government.

Since his previous album caused quite a stir, everyone in the music business is eagerly anticipating his return. The singles “Bounce” and “Hello” from the artist’s 19th studio album were massive hits. overshadowing more recent K-pop talents like Psy of “Gangnam Style” in 2013.

Cho first appeared publicly in 1968 as a member of the rock band Atkins. After ten years of performing with various groups like the Kim Trio, he made his solo debut in 1976 with the smash hit “Come Back to Busan Port.”

In 1980, he became the first artist in K-pop history to sell a million copies of an album. His debut album featured the hits “A Girl Outside the Window” and “Short Hair Girl,” which catapulted him to fame.

Over the course of his nearly two-decade career, he has released 19 studio albums featuring such hits as “Candle Light,” “Dream,” and “Leopard of Kilimanjaro,” and has won countless honours and broken a number of records.

He is the first artist from the country to have an album sell more than a million and then ten million copies. Four concerts by Cho are scheduled for November 26 and 27, and December 3 and 4 at Seoul’s Olympic Park Gymnasium. Only thirty minutes after ticket sales opened, all forty thousand seats had been claimed.

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