K-pop Music Videos Have a Candy Theme

We thought it would be great to look at some of the entertaining K-Pop music videos that are candy-themed after NCT Dream’s lovely and outstanding version of H.O.T’s 1996 hit song, “Candy”! Beware, as this ride is guaranteed to be quite enjoyable!

NCT Dream – Chewing Gum

NCT Dream inspired us to include more of them in this piece. Comparing how young they were six years ago to their most recent Candy music video is just too cute. Six years after they started sweet, they are still the dreamiest, most adorable guys imaginable.

TWICE – Candy Pop

If TWICE’s anime were this adorable, I would watch all 34 seasons! Oh, if that’s what it takes to persuade them to leave my TV and get together for a little girl’s sleepover.

Red Velvet – Ice Cream Cake

Those cakes and ice cream may not be filled with candies, but they seem “SO TASTY.”

K-pop Music Videos
K-pop Music Videos

Red Velvet – #Cookie Jar

It makes the most sense that most of their songs are addictively sweet since it is literally in their name. I may or may not have eaten a slice of cheesecake while writing this article due to this music video, so if you love desserts with gobs of icing as I do, avoid watching it.

Girls Generation – Kissing You

This 11-year-old song is catchy, delightful, and comforting, but they also look the cutest wearing lollipops and enormous candy canes.

Gugudan – Chococo

What location can I find the golden ticket to this chocolate factory? I’ll do anything to see these adorable girls and eat a small portion of the enormous Ferrero Rocher.

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LIGHTSUM – Vanilla

This vanilla-flavored candy jelly topping will have you saying, “Oh my gosh,” before sending you into a sugar coma. These girls’ cuteness will make you feel excited. Without a doubt, you’d want to visit them in their adorable, vibrant town.

Kep1er- Sugar Rush

Don’t you occasionally have a dream that you’re strolling through Candy Land alongside Kep1er? Me too! When that happens, I’ll have the most delightful vision that completely resists waking me.

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Astro – Candy Sugar Pop

Every single member of ASTRO is already gorgeous and the loveliest person alive, so watching this song video made it more difficult for me to tell which members are sweets and which are real people.

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