K-pop Music Videos in Traditional Korean Costumes!

K-pop Music Videos: There’s nothing more thrilling than witnessing K-continued Pop’s global expansion alongside the increased visibility of Korean traditions and customs. There has been a recent trend among Korean artists to use more overtly cultural references in their music, music videos, and live performances.

Bringing their culture to a wider audience in this way is a wonderful way to both commemorate and celebrate their history. Here are some music videos with performances featuring performers dressed in hanbok.

K-pop Music Videos
K-pop Music Videos

Stray Kids – Thunderous

This number one hit skillfully fused traditional and contemporary Korean art and architecture, while also showcasing the hanbok and making Korea sound and seem utterly GOLDEN.

Stray Kids – Back Door

Combining classic and contemporary elements is one of my favorite things to see. Beautiful jeogori placed over basic tees and denim make these young adults impossible to ignore.

TWICE – Cheer Up

These gals have every style imaginable covered. Dahyun’s stunning red and white flowery hanbok undoubtedly lifted spirits.

ONEUS – Luna

For some reason, whenever these boys execute it, the notion is perfectly realized. I hope they keep doing it. This is my favorite song by ONEUS if I had to pick just one. As they wear a wide variety of hanbok-inspired garments and move through various royal settings, the entire track serves as a cultural tour of Korea. The most lovable prince I’ve seen thus far.


Even after two years, this is still a top-tier K-Pop release. He proved that even if he had been born during the Joseon dynasty, he would have been the undisputed ruler and master of his realm.

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