Female K-Pop Rappers Who Are Also Vocalists

K-Pop Rappers: The majority of K-pop groups allocate their members to various roles, including vocalist, rapper, dancer, leader, and visual, among others. Although the idols are occasionally given a chance to showcase their other skills, these roles are chosen based on each member’s unique strengths and qualities.

K-Pop Rappers
K-Pop Rappers

Nevertheless, there are some all-around heroes who, regardless of their assigned job, are capable of filling any position. Here, we’ll look at a few female K-pop rappers who also pass for vocalists. While still a trainee due to vocal nodules, WJSN’s EXY started her career as a singer before switching to rap.

This was done to safeguard her vocal cord. Nevertheless, she has fantastic verbal ability. She demonstrated her vocal prowess to the viewers of King of Masked Singer. In the final standings of JTBC’s survival program “Second World,” she emerged in second place. Jessica Ho is a solo artist better known by her stage name Jessi.

As soon as her album “Nuna” was released, she rapidly rose to fame. She is renowned for both her rap prowess and badass demeanor. But Jessi also sings well and has a distinctive voice. Fans were in awe of her renditions of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” “Dance Monkey,” and other songs on “You Heeyeol’s Sketchbook.” BLACKPINK’s primary rapper is Jennie.

She performs as the group’s lead vocalist as well. She is well-known for being a talented idol who can easily sing and rap. She was a featured artist in her seniors’ albums as a trainee, and since before her debut, people have applauded her singing ability. The songs she has created for BLACKPINK and on her own prove her vocal prowess.

The vocals of MAMAMOO are well-known and highly regarded as a vocal-based ensemble. It is not surprising that Moon Byul, the group’s main rapper, can pass as a vocalist, given that the group is vocally focused. She has a powerful, sturdy voice and can even slay high notes.

She won the JTBC competition show “Second World,” which included rappers showcasing their singing prowess. CL is well-known as a fierce female rapper in K-pop and a superb singer. The main rapper and former leader of 2NE1 are frequently lauded for her ferocious lyricism and commanding stage presence. But it was impossible to ignore her vocal prowess.

Both 2NE1’s music and her solo albums showcase her vocal prowess. Listening to “ALPHA,” you can find her most recent solo album. The K-pop female group DREAMCATCHER’s rapper, lyricist, and vocalist is Lee Yu-Bin, best known by her stage name Dami. She had previously been a part of MINX.

She is recognized for her vocal diversity, expertly capturing both a high-pitched tone and a deep voice. Her singing prowess may be heard in Dreamcatcher’s music, especially in their B-sides. The lead rapper, primary songwriter, and backup singer of the well-known K-pop girl duo TWICE are Chaeyoung.

She is one of those idols who perform both the roles of lead rapper and singer. Despite being a rapper, she didn’t start rapping when she was a trainee. Her singing skills may be heard in TWICE’s songs. You can also look at her solo cover songs. The leader and star rapper of (G)I-DLE is Soyeon.

She is also a master in songwriting, production, and composition. Soyeon is a multi-faceted idol whose skill is seen in her creations. She is a skilled vocalist and the primary rapper in her group. She received praise for her vocal prowess while participating in the survival reality series “Produce 101.”

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