K-pop Singer AleXa Discusses Being Back in Vogue as Well as Her Viral Pride Flag Moment

K-pop Singer AleXa Discusses Being Back in Vogue as Well as Her Viral Pride Flag Moment. AleXa, a Korean American K-pop singer, has capped off a busy year with the release of her debut extended play, “Girls Gone Vogue.” The “Bomb” singer became famous after she won the first season of the NBC competition show “American Song Contest,” which was modelled after the Eurovision Song Contest.

On her maiden tour of the United States, she made eight appearances around the country last month. It was around the same time that she signed with United Talent Agency, a massive California-based talent agency that will serve as her representative in a variety of mediums beyond just theatre and movies.

ZB Label, based in South Korea, will continue to represent her as a recording artist. Now she’s published a six-song EP called “Girls Gone Vogue,” with the lead single being “Back In Vogue.” On Monday, NextShark chatted with AleXa about the impact she envisions for her next album and her previous viral experiences.

K-pop Singer AleXa Back in Vogue
K-pop Singer AleXa Back in Vogue

To be in Vogue

Common associations with the word “vogue” include Anna Wintour, Vogue magazine, and the Vogue aesthetic, although the word itself is often overlooked. “When something becomes a fad, a trend, or a mass phenomenon, that’s when the term applies,” explains AleXa. AleXa believes that by stepping into the limelight, she may help others see their potential and be inspired to reach for it.

The following sentiment is conveyed by the lyrics of “Back in Vogue”: “24-carat looking great.” It’s not just what I’m wearing; it’s how I walk and talk, too. Clap your hands; I’m making a fashion comeback.

AleXa explains that the album’s title, “Girls Gone Vogue,” refers to more than just the fact that anyone may put themselves in the spotlight and become a trend or an example for others.

When asked if the album is for times when people are feeling down, she says, “We want to lift you out of that and bring yourself back into that condition of a personal spotlight, personal competence beaming off the walls, bringing yourself back into that vogue attitude.”

Final cut and future teases

AleXa has stated that the disjointed nature of “Girls Gone Vogue” is on purpose. There’s not much of a narrative arc to this one. Invoking the spirit of a musical is, I guess, the overall goal of the record. In mathematics, no two integers are ever the same.

“Within one record, I wanted to showcase a musical facet,” said AleXa. The album begins with “Star,” which features the crystal-clear vocals of AleXa and MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul as co-writers. The album ends with an instrumental version of “Back in Vogue.” As a break from her previous work, the following B-side, “Endorphine,” is “a tremendously joyful, adorable tune” that quickly became a fan favourite on AleXa’s live shows.

You won’t be able to stop listening to this one if you try. AleXa demonstrates her versatility by writing two of the album’s four tracks: the dance-pop track “Black Out” and the all-English “Please Try Again,” for which she collaborated with Thai actor and singer-songwriter Jeff Satur.

More iterations may be released in the future as a result of more cooperation, but this is not guaranteed. Some Korean lyrics are at hand and will need to be inserted. AleXa gives away the ending by hinting that a Korean adaptation starring Jeff would soon be released.

She also suggests that the original plan for the album was to have seven tracks and that the song that was ultimately left off will be included in the follow-up.

Moments of Pride on the tour

Aside from the fact that it was a tonne of pleasure to give a real performance in front of an audience, it was also completely insane. This time there are genuine human beings present, not just cameramen. She remarked how receptive the atmosphere was. I don’t mean to pick favourites, but Puerto Rico and Oklahoma City are the two places on Earth where I have experienced the most joy.

A lot of things contributed to making our time there so enjoyable, including the enthusiastic crowds and the general air of excitement permeating the venues. “I shall never forget,” she continues. While performing in Atlanta, AleXa took a pride flag from the audience to demonstrate her support for the LGBTQIA community, and the video of her doing so went viral, giving her fans a moment they will never forget.

I have a magnetised pride flag on my front door. In her words, “it’s looking very at home” in that spot. It meant a lot to me since, as a K-pop fan, I had always admired the videos of my celebrities bringing flags on stage or displaying gifts from their fans. When I looked up at the flag, I knew it was my turn to shine,” she continues. In a field where many idols are not permitted to express or blazon their social or cultural values, it was a simple but powerful act.

AleXa believes the people the flag represents have shaped her identity. Eighty per cent of my American friends are members of the LGBTQIA community, so I decided to go for it. Who would I be if I didn’t brag about the people I care about? Also, the friends of my parents.

Several people in my family identified as LGBTQIA when I was growing up. In many ways, I owe a great deal of who I am now to those influences. A time like this makes it impossible for me to not give back to the community. A flag on stage would be the least I could do. There’s a lot more I could be doing, but that’s all I can manage right then and there.

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