K-Pop Songs With Relaxing Vibes and Breathy Voice

K-Pop Songs: With the abundance of noisy, upbeat K-Pop songs these days (don’t get me wrong, I love noise music – it’s 97% of what I listen to! ), there are times when you want to listen to something more relaxing. Something with a softer vocal and pitch but a relaxed vibe.

So, here are a few K-Pop songs with breathy vocals and a laid-back vibe. One of 2022’s best releases, with everyone obsessed not only with how sexy the dance is but also with B.I.’s soothing vocals. Anything he creates is highly pleasing to the ears; we are incredibly fortunate to have him in K-Pop.

K-Pop Songs
K-Pop Songs

Kai has a way of making us go, Mmmh. He’s known as the sexiest man in K-Pop, and this song is the definition of sexy, but it also has that chilled vibe. This is why Taemin and Kai are so close. Despite being five years old, they continue to create sexy yet chilled songs that are addictive and will always be on your playlist.

There is no genre that our queen IU cannot master. With her vocals and talent, anything she sings will be fantastic. This song highlights her breathy voice and chilled vibe. Who has some killer vocal abilities, but he showered us with breathy tones and made us lose our minds.

This song does have a ballad vibe to it at first, and before you run away thinking, “no, no, I don’t want ballads,” you should stay a little longer, or you’ll regret it.

Whee In’s chilled track will undoubtedly make you happy. BIBI is known for her smooth and soothing vocals, and this is one to listen to when you’re having a bad day… With his very raspy and breathy voice, a song about how lazy he complements each other. It’s the perfect song for days you don’t want to do anything.

He may be the pop king with the most killer vocals in K-Pop, but this multi-talented king can pull off any given song/genre. With this song, Baekhyun makes us feel like we’re relaxing underwater. This is a sensual song, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you look up the lyrics and translations.

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