Kari Lake Sues Arizona Election Officials

Kari Lake Sues Arizona Election Officials: Arizona gubernatorial candidate and Republican, Kari Lake, filed a lawsuit against state elections officials on Friday, alleging fraud in the election’s vote counting and certification. Lake wants a court to proclaim her the winner.

After Arizona’s election results were confirmed on Monday, Lake, who gained notoriety for supporting former president Donald Trump’s bogus claims of election fraud in 2020, was anticipated to bring the action.

Maricopa County is the most populated in Arizona, thus it makes sense that Lake’s opponent, Katie Hobbs (D), who is presently the state secretary, would be named in the lawsuit. Hobbs officially validated the results of the elections held in Arizona.

Kari Lake Sues Arizona Election Officials
Kari Lake Sues Arizona Election Officials

Kari Lake Sues Arizona Election Officials

In her 70-page lawsuit, Lake is demanding that the Maricopa County Superior Court “declare that Kari Lake is the winner of the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election” or else vacate the results and compel a new election to be held.

When it comes to high-profile election-loss contestants, Lake is at the top of the list. Other losers have generally admitted defeat. Lake had already refused to concede the governor election unless she won before the midterms were held. It was a “botched” race, she said before it was even called.

The lawsuit argues that Hobbs and the county authorities have “shattered” public trust in the electoral process and rehashes unsubstantiated accusations Lake has made in the past regarding the election in Maricopa County.

The Hobbs campaign has dubbed the lawsuit an “unfounded attempt to destroy our democracy and throw out the will of the voters.” The people of Arizona have spoken, and they have chosen Katie Hobbs to be their next governor. In a tweet, Hobbs’s campaign indicated that a lawsuit filed by the neighbours would have no effect.

Like Trump, Lake has used social media to cast doubt on the results of the election by soliciting voters’ experiences with voting problems in Maricopa County. She has told of voters who had to wait in long lines because of a typo in the ballots.

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The suit claims that “the chaos on Election Day… prevents the Defendants in this case from certifying Hobbs as the winner of the election.” Claims of “illegal” votes and “disenfranchisement” of Republicans are central to the lawsuit’s allegations.

When asked for comment by The Washington Post, Lake’s attorney Kurt Olsen referred to the 70-page lawsuit and said, “it’s about restoring trust in the voting process.” In addition to mechanical issues at some polling places, Olsen said that there were discrepancies between the signatures on some voters’ ballots and those on file.

According to the assessment by election officials, there is no proof that voters were prevented from casting ballots due to technical difficulties. For his part, Republican and head of Maricopa County’s civil litigation office Tom Liddy reassured voters that they had “reasonable, lawful options for voting” in a letter released alongside the report.

Last month, a call between attorneys for Lake’s campaign and the Republican National Committee was leaked, showing that they questioned a lawyer for Maricopa County (which covers Phoenix) about possible vote irregularities. As The Post noted, Lake’s advisors warned her not to repeat Trump’s 2020 strategy of claiming the election was stolen after her loss.

In her lawsuit, Lake requests that judges allow her to review votes in Maricopa County, throw out those that are invalid, and conduct a “forensic examination” into the issues that arose on Election Day.

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