Kathie Lee Gifford Is Overjoyed At The Arrival Of Her Baby Grandson!

Gifford is ready to take on the role of grandma. A heartwarming Instagram post from the 68-year-old TV personality on Wednesday morning revealed the birth of her first grandchild.

A photo of her son, Cody, and his wife, Erika, cradling their newborn son in the hospital prompted her to write, “My heart is bursting.” As proof that our God is gracious and faithful, Frank Michael Gifford is here to testify to that fact.” “And he cares about us, too!”


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Not only was the birth of the baby a joyous occasion, but the baby’s name, Frank, was chosen in memory of Gifford’s late husband and Cody’s paternal grandfather, who passed away in 2015.

There is no greater marvel than that of life itself. Gifford released a second photo of the baby on Twitter, and she couldn’t contain her excitement. Thanks to God for the blessing of Frank Michael Gifford. 8 pounds, 8 ounces of pure beauty.”

Taking to Instagram, Erika revealed the happy news and the birth story of her new baby girl. It’s the best day of our lives: 5/31/2022.” When Frankie was born three weeks early at 8lbs 8oz, “Frankie’s arrival has changed our lives forever,” the new mother stated in a Facebook post. The love and gratitude we have for God’s most precious gift haven’t ceased. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your prayers and kind words.

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We can’t get enough of his cuddles because he’s just too darn adorable. “We’re genuinely obsessed,” says one of us. According to Erika, the names Frank “Frankie” and Michael are in honor of her late uncle, whose name means “gift of God.” They’re gone, but they’ll always be remembered.”

Gifford told ET in April that Frank would be overjoyed for Cody and Erika. My kid and I were just talking about how delighted Daddy would be right now with everything that’s going on in our lives. She exclaimed, ‘Daddy must be happy because he’s smiling.'” Gifford is ecstatic about her upcoming role as a grandmother, but not because she’s looking forward to the new role.

The strangest thing is, I’m not really looking forward to it.” As a proud mother, Gifford expressed her joy at the prospect of her daughter becoming an aunt to her son and his new wife. Just sort of keeping an eye on it all,” she said. As soon as the baby is born, I’ll be giddy with anticipation. There isn’t any way for me to tell if it’s a boy or a girl, because they refuse to tell me.

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This date in history is notable for its significance. On this day in history, there were a number of significant events. Among the things Gifford is grateful for is that Cody and Cassidy, who will marry Ben Wierda in June 2020, have found great partners.

Gifford revealed that she had been praying for her children’s spouses since she was pregnant with them. “Even as your children are being knitted in your womb, you begin to pray for God’s best for them. Because I married Frank late and he didn’t want any more children, I never expected to have children. That’s why I’m so grateful that I got to have two amazing children.

Cody and Erika were expecting their first child in December 2021, and Gifford shared the news with a gorgeous Instagram video. She wrote, “I am over a blue or pink moon!!” “It makes no difference to me which. @mrsamerikagifford and I are ecstatic, as is the rest of our family. The Living and Loving God is praised!”

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