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Katy Perry’s Second Mother’s Day Celebration with Orlando Bloom and Daughter Daisy

California girls Katy Perry and her daughter enjoyed Mother’s Day in style. During an interview with E! News Daily Pop on the May 8 American Idol red carpet, the singer talked about her second Mother’s Day with fiance Orlando Bloom and their 1-year-old daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom.

Perry expressed her excitement about becoming a mother in August 2020, saying, “I’m soaking it all in.” Her favorite holiday activity with her family, according to the “Hot ‘N Cold” singer, was one of her favorite things to do as a child.

“We were able to take a leisurely bike ride to the restaurant for breakfast. Riding my bike and having Daisy on the back is one of my favorite pastimes “Per Perry, speaking to E! “We rode on the beach, and it was really stunning—the warm California sun provided the serotonin rush I so much required. At that moment, I was just like, yelling, “I’m so glad!” and “It feels fantastic to be a small unit!” A small group of people.”

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E! said that Luke Bryan, Perry’s co-star, was surprised by a sweet Mother’s Day gift from his wife Caroline and his two sons Thomas, 14, and Tatum, 11. Bryan revealed that his niece Jordan had a premature baby. “A few months ago, Jordan became a father.

As a result, we grabbed our belongings and made our way to Georgia’s South Coast. Our new baby nephew and his mother are doing well, as Caroline and I discovered when we visited them last week. We now have a child. We’ve added a new mother to our clan. That made my mother’s day.”

Idol’s Lionel Richie said he is “over the moon” with his daughter Sofia’s recent engagement to Elliot Grainge, even though Father’s Day is not until June. American Idol, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan are all former contestants on the show.

On the red carpet, Richie quipped, “You always wonder who Prince Charming is going to be.” “There is a good chance that I knew Elliot and his family from the beginning of his life, as I’ve been friends with him since he was 12 or 13. I mean, it’s a wonderful thing.”

The three judges also commented on the Mother’s Day episode of the show, which whittled down the season 20 competition to its last five competitors on May 8. Richie referred to Nicolina as “amazing” among the night’s jaw-dropping performances. According to Perry, “I think she was the greatest she’s ever been” during the performance.

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Both Noah Thompson and Fritz Hager, who was diagnosed with COVID-19, wowed Perry, despite having to perform from their homes due to their diagnoses. However, “I think they were playing it off but I think they weren’t really feeling well,” Perry remarked. For all they were going through, Noah sounded as he had never sounded before.

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The episode featured the dismissal of two American Idol hopefuls, but Bryan has no doubt about their musical prospects. Bryan opined, “I think America did it right.” “Jay and Christian [Guardino] are world-class vocalists, so it’s apparent to see them perform. For them, I believe the sky’s the limit.”

Sundays at 8 p.m. EST, ABC broadcasts new episodes of American Idol.

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