KBS’s List of Gayo Daesang Wins From 1973-2021 Generates Misunderstanding

KBS’s List of Gayo Daesang Wins: The industry is in disarray due to a recently published list by KBS that names the winners of the “KBS Gayo Daesang” for each year from 1973 to 2021. KBS released the list above earlier in the week as part of its effort to determine the ’50 Figures Who Shined on KBS.

Since the national broadcasting station was established in 1973, this project has been planned to celebrate the institution’s half-century milestone. The television network is currently scouting for potential honorees for its ’50 Figures’ list. Winners of KBS’s annual “Gayo Daesang” competition throughout the station’s history have been made public as part of the search.

KBS's List of Gayo Daesang Wins
KBS’s List of Gayo Daesang Wins

The issue is that the ‘KBS Gayo Daesang‘ system, which used to honor a singer yearly for their musical achievements, was eliminated after 2013. In truth, what many today refer to as the “KBS Gayo Festival” was formerly known as the “KBS Music Awards” until 2006, when the broadcasting network was forced to cancel its annual year-end music award ceremony due to concerns over bias.

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After 2006, KBS experimented with several other forms, such as a competition between male and female artist teams in 2007, a “Favorite Song of the Year” award presented in 2009, and more. In 2012, no awards were shown, and in 2013, the honor tried a comeback as “The Song of the Year” but was met with a hostile reception.

Accordingly, KBS stopped giving any form of prizes to musicians or songs after 2013. However, the following musicians were recently included as apparent “winners” of the “KBS Gayo Daesang” in years when KBS did not give out awards, according to a list published by the broadcasting station:

If no awards were given out during those years, how did these artists “win” them anyway? Since no fan vote was involved, what were the criteria for making the final call?

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