Did You Know Keanu Reeves Was Considering Playing Brad Pitt in The Lost City?

The Lost City directors Adam and Aaron Nee reported that Keanu Reeves was considered for Brad Pitt’s role but was unable to participate due to conflicting schedules. With Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Patti Harrison, Oscar Nunez, and Brad Pitt, the cast of The Lost City was complete.

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When it was released in theatres earlier this year, the picture received generally excellent reviews from critics and audiences for its cast’s performances and solid humor, as well as its nostalgic sense of adventure reminiscent of Romancing the Stone and The Mummy, which harks back to an earlier age.

With an estimated production budget of USD 74 million and an estimated worldwide total of USD 163 million, The Lost City has become the ninth best-grossing film of 2013. When Adam and Aaron Nee were asked about Brad Pitt’s prominent cameo in the rom-com adventure, the directors revealed that they weren’t sure they’d be able to secure him for the role and had other performers in mind, most notably Keanu Reeves.

Adam started this, “Originally, I believe we were hoping for Keanu Reeves, but he was already committed to John Wick, so we were like, “Brad was always our first option,” but we weren’t expecting it to happen. Bullet Train was the final piece that brought it all together for [Sandra]. As a fan of Keanu Reeves, I would have had a good time.”


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Jack Trainer, a mercenary Alan hires to assist him to find Loretta, is played by Brad Pitt in The Lost City. It was widely speculated that Brad Pitt would just participate in a cameo in the film before the first teaser for the action-comedy was released, but Adam Nee later confirmed that Pitt played a far larger role in the production.