Kendall Jenner’s Desire For A Baby Shows She’ll Be A Good Mom, Eventually?

Is it baby fever? Beautiful and heartfelt are Kendall Jenner’s musings on motherhood and raising children. The lone childless celebrity sibling of the famed Kardashian clan, the former KUWTK star looks more prepared than ever to start a kid of her own. In particular, the birth of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott‘s baby Stormi Webster in February 2018 was a monumental event for the family.

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Kenny told Vogue in March 2018 that the birth of his younger sister was “different exciting” than the births of his older siblings. Everyone in the Kardashian-Jenner family grew up in pairs, from Kourtney and Kim to Rob and Khloé to Brandon and Brody to Burton and Casey to Kylie and me. When my best childhood buddy finally had a child, I was overjoyed. We’re even closer now than before.”

In May 2021 on KUWTK, the 818 Tequila creator, who is dating NBA player Devin Booker, had a similar attitude about having baby fever. I believe it also started to strike me when I saw Kylie was having a kid,” Kendall said during a candid interview. Then, I found out that a close friend of mine who is the same age as me is pregnant. Consequently, I thought, “Cool, I’m a little jealous, but it’s OK.” The beautiful brunette may have been alluding to her friend and fellow model Gigi Hadid, who welcomed a daughter, Khai, in September 2020 with her then-boyfriend Zayn Malik.

The model’s friends call her “Mama Ken” because she’s the designated caregiver on their wild nights out. “My buddies make fun of me… because I literally take charge of every situation,” the Los Angeles native said. Apparently, I’m a control freak. How many times have I picked up after my drunken pals? 

Kris Jenner, Kendall’s mom, was asked on Ellen DeGeneres’ show whether she would like to have a child from any of her children, and she chose her supermodel daughter. Well, I suppose it may be better if Kendall were the one, right? In an interview with the talk show presenter in February of 2022, the momager, aged 66, revealed that she was the only one of the women in the group who had never given birth.

Kendall responded, “I’m indifferent,” when asked how she felt about her mother’s statement. For the most part, I’m simply taking things as they come at this point in my life. However, there are times when I wish I had a baby. Particularly in light of [Kylie’s] recent birth, I find myself thinking, “It would be so nice to have one too!” However, at the moment I am just relaxing. Right now, I couldn’t care less about what other people think of me; I’m just living life to the fullest.

The people closest to Kendall’s heart are her family and friends. “At the end of our life, you’re not going to care that you worked every day and made this much money,” the reality star added. Relationships, bonds, and the affection you’ve fostered are what you’ll value most in life, so take care of them. That’s the sort of thing you’re going to be concerned about. My entire focus is on the legacy you leave behind.

Scroll down to read some of Kendall’s thoughts about starting a family. 

MAY 2022

Kris approached Kendall about egg freezing in a May 2022 episode of The Kardashians. The grandmother of six said to Kendall across the desk, “I was just thinking, maybe it’s time to, ya know, have a baby.” The model promptly started gagging on her drink. Mom, I know you’re always telling me, ‘You’re not getting any younger,’ but guess what? This is my life, okay? Kendall said to her mother, “I don’t sure if I’m ready yet.”

Eventually Kendall Jenner's Desire For A Baby Shows She'll Be A Good Mom

APRIL 2022

Kendall admitted that she is open to having a family and that she gets “baby fever” whenever she is around her younger siblings. She once commented, “I’m just living life day by day,” and that sums up her current philosophy.

Eventually Kendall Jenner's Desire For A Baby Shows She'll Be A Good Mom


She gushed about how much her partner “loves” kids and is always willing to “help out” while she is babysitting Kylie’s daughter, Stormi, on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. A model was overheard gushing about the relationship between her boyfriend and Stormi Webster. Sometimes I can’t help but feel envious of her because she has such a huge crush on him. To which they respond, “Stop — can you guys not?”

Eventually Kendall Jenner's Desire For A Baby Shows She'll Be A Good Mom

JUNE 2021

During an episode of KUWTK, Kendall admitted to Khloé that she was experiencing a case of “baby fever.” To paraphrase: “I get what you mean. It’s only natural that you have baby fever looking at our kids. Koko attempted a quip.

MAY 2021

During a video shoot with Poosh, Kendall fooled Kris Jenner into thinking she was expecting. She told her mum in a YouTube video, “I have not gotten my period in a little time, and I was supposed to get it last week so I kind of became scared and randomly took a test.” Positive results led me to take a second sample, which was likewise confirmed. Also, I feel like I might burst into tears any second now. I feel myself beginning to panic. It’s simply that I’m at a loss for words right now. Kris, surprisingly, revealed that she dreamed her daughter gave birth.

Eventually Kendall Jenner's Desire For A Baby Shows She'll Be A Good Mom

MARCH 2021

Kris tweeted good luck to Kendall while she was babysitting, complete with emojis of a bottle and a smiley face. This looks like a pregnancy announcement!” the model exclaimed, with too much laughter.

MARCH 2021

I want babies desperately… soon, too,” she said on KUWTK.

Eventually Kendall Jenner's Desire For A Baby Shows She'll Be A Good Mom

JULY 2019

The model commented on a lovely snapshot of Stormi with, “My baby fever after this is on overload,” which can be found on Instagram.

Eventually Kendall Jenner's Desire For A Baby Shows She'll Be A Good Mom

MAY 2019

Motherhood isn’t easy, that’s a given. Kendall said she has “phases” when she wants children and then doesn’t. Sometimes I’ll be there and think, “Oh my God, I think it’s happening. She went on E! News and said, “I think I have a fever.” Most days I feel like, ‘This is too much,'” Having the option to play with them is a huge bonus. Basically, my response will be, “Ask your mother.”

Eventually Kendall Jenner's Desire For A Baby Shows She'll Be A Good Mom

MARCH 2018

Kendall stated that she was willing to “wait,” but not indefinitely, before starting a family. She told Vogue, “I want to have kids but at, like, 28 or 29.”

Eventually Kendall Jenner's Desire For A Baby Shows She'll Be A Good Mom

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