Kevin Costner Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Did Kevin Make For Yellowstone?

Kevin Costner Net Worth: American actor, director, and musician Kevin Michael Costner is recognized for his portrayals of tough guys with nuanced personalities. He was educated at several different schools but never felt much of a passion for learning despite being the product of middle-class parents.

He became more involved in music, poetry, and other creative pursuits. Kevin Costner pursued a career in marketing after graduating from the business school at California State University, Fullerton, despite his true passion lies in the world of performing.

Actor Richard Burton inspired Costner to take acting seriously, so he began taking lessons while doing odd jobs to support his family. His breakthrough role was in the 1987 picture The Untouchables after he had played bit parts and cameos in several earlier films.

After that, he gave performances that established him as a movie star in films like No Way Out, Bull Durham, and Field of Dreams. Later, with the epic Western battle film Dances with Wolves, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Director, he solidified his reputation as an excellent filmmaker.

Kevin Costner Net Worth
Kevin Costner Net Worth

Kevin Costner Early Life

Kevin Costner was born to William Costner, an electrician and subsequently a utility executive, and Sharon Rae Costner, a welfare worker, on January 18, 1955, in Lynwood, California. Kevin grew up with his two older brothers, Daniel Craig Costner and Mark Douglas Costner.

Kevin Costner went to both Buena High and Villa Park High, but he was never very interested in school. He learned the piano, dabbled in writing, and was a member of the First Baptist Choir. He graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BA in business and finance in 1978. (CSUF). He joined the Delta Chi fraternity and served as a leader in college. You may also read Michael Strahan’s Net Worth

Kevin Costner Career

He wanted to pursue performing, but after tying the knot with Cindy, he settled on a career in marketing instead. On the flight back from his honeymoon, he spoke with actor Richard Burton, who inspired him to pursue acting. To pursue a career in film, Burton suggested he give up all other pursuits.

After that, with the encouragement of his wife, Costner quit his marketing job and began taking acting classes five nights a week. To provide for his family and pursue his career, he worked as a truck driver and a tour guide in Hollywood, among other odd jobs. The Disneyland Jungle Cruise attraction he piloted was named after him.

The Big Chill, released in 1983, gave him credit for playing the role of Alex, a deceased friend. Though his voice was heard frequently, his face was never shown. Kevin Costner’s performance as Scott Glenn’s lovably clumsy brother in the 1985 American Western film Silverado made him a household name.

His breakout portrayal as federal agent Eliot Ness in the 1987 film The Untouchables led to widespread recognition for the actor. His breakout appearance in the thriller No Way Out that same year cemented his reputation as a leading man.

The baseball films he starred in, such as Bull Durham (1988) and Field of Dreams (1989), propelled him to stardom. So he went out and started his own production business and directed Dances with Wolves (1990). In 1991, he was featured in the film JFK and starred in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Starring in the love story The Bodyguard the following year was a big break for him.

A Perfect World (1993), Waterworld (1995), The Postman (1997), and For Love of the Game (1998) are just a few of Kevin Costner’s notable 1990s films (1999). First seen in the 2000s Thirteen Days, he has since made appearances in films such as 2005’s The Upside of Anger, 2006’s The Guardian, 2008’s Swing Vote, and 2013’s Man of Steel (2013).

Kevin Costner established the country-rock band Kevin Costner & Modern West, in which he also performs as a singer. Untold Truths (2008), Turn It On (2010), From Where I Stand (2011), and Famous for Killing Each Other: Music from and Inspired by Hatfields & McCoys (2011) is the band’s four studio albums to date (2012). In addition, he has given performances on a wide range of occasions.

Costner had a varied 2014, showing up in five films across multiple genres. Documentary The Man Who Saved the World and action movies like Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and Three Days to Kill also fall under this category.

A coach in “McFarland, USA” (2015), a NASA Space Task Group Supervisor in “Hidden Figures” (2016), a clinical psychologist in “Molly’s Game” (2017), and a Texas Ranger in “Highwaymen” (2018) are just a few of the roles he has played in films (2019).

It was in the 2020 neo-western Let Him Go, in which he appeared and which earned over $11.6 million and rave reviews, that he first came to widespread attention. His first regular television role was as John Dutton, the Dutton family patriarch, in the drama series Yellowstone. After being picked up for a fourth season, the show is currently airing on the Paramount Network. You may also read Deion Sanders’s Net Worth

Kevin Costner Personal Life

He met Cindy Silva, another student at his university, in 1975, and the two began dating. They eventually got married in 1978. Anne Clayton, Lily McCall, and Joseph “Joe” Tedrick are their three offspring. After 16 years of marriage, the couple split up in 1994.

Kevin Costner Net Worth
Kevin Costner Net Worth

After splitting up with his first wife, he briefly dated Bridget Rooney, with whom he had a son they called Liam. He tied the knot with his German-American fiancée Christine Baumgartner in 2004. Cayden Wyatt Costner, Hayes Logan, and Grace Avery are the couple’s three wonderful children.

Costner was an early Republican supporter and was good friends with Reagan on the golf course. Despite his initial support for the Republican Party, he eventually shifted his allegiance to the Democrats and actively supported Barack Obama in the 2008 election.

Kevin Costner Net Worth

With a career spanning acting, producing, and directing, Kevin Costner has amassed a fortune of $250 million in the United States. In the 1980s and 1990s, when Kevin’s career was at its height, he was among the highest-paid performers in the world.

Costner has been honored with multiple accolades during his career, including two Oscars, two Golden Globes, one Primetime Emmy, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. For season five, the actor is being paid $1.3 million for each episode (or £1.06 million).

His pay increased from an initial $500,000 (£414,000) for each episode as the show’s popularity grew with each season. Considering the show’s success, his compensation has skyrocketed for season five.

Real Estate

Three lakefront homes on Costner’s 160-acre property near Aspen can accommodate 30 people. He made three separate purchases to obtain the land. The first two deals occurred for unknown sums in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. The final piece of the 160-acre property was purchased in 2017 for $7.3 million. He charges a mere $30,000 per night to rent out the place.

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