Kevin Kreider Net Worth: The Korean Male Model

Kevin Kreider Net Worth: Kevin Kreider is a well-known reality television star and model in the United States and has a net worth of $10,000. After making his debut in the January 2021 season of the Netflix reality series “Bling Empire,” Kevin Kreider quickly rose to prominence on a worldwide scale. Kevin was born in the capital city of South Korea, Seoul.

At age three, he joined a family from Philadelphia, United States, who had adopted him. When he was a kid, he never felt like he belonged anywhere. He didn’t come across as sufficiently “Asian” to the Asian kids, and he didn’t come across as enough “American” to the white kids.

In the end, Kevin decided to work as a model and actor in the entertainment industry. In the history of the Abercrombie and Fitch store on New York City’s Fifth Avenue, he is renowned for being the first Asian-American and shirtless greeter to hold that position. Soon after, he was featured in publications such as Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness, in addition to advertising campaigns for companies such as Gillette and Peloton.

In 2014, he was diagnosed with alopecia areata due to the stress caused by his work as a model. Because of his temporary baldness, he couldn’t get any modeling jobs. Therefore his career came to an abrupt end. Thankfully, Kevin’s condition began to improve about this time; however, during this time, he decided to go from modeling to acting. In addition to that, he decided to go to Los Angeles.

Kevin Kreider Early Life

Kevin Kreider was born in South Korea in 1983, and his birthday is August 21. His birthplace is South Korea. When Kreider was three years old, he became a member of the German-Irish family in Philadelphia. He was self-conscious about how people saw him as the “Asian guy.”

He devoted the more significant part of his life to working on ways to improve his outward look in the hopes of boosting his sense of self-worth and confidence. Kreider has been honest about his struggles with his identity, his faith, and how others view Asian men to be macho in their sexuality and behavior.

Kevin Kreider Career

In the beginning, Kreider was a successful model who worked for Wilhelmina. Actress Wilhelmina can be seen in various media, including films, television shows, and commercials. She is employed by a modeling agency that is widely regarded as being among the industry’s most prestigious. Since 2008, he has had jobs on three continents and in five other nations.

From the time he started his profession as a natural bodybuilder until 2011 when he moved to Asia, he was based in the United States. His career as a model took off immediately, which led to him being cast in commercials. His early work was for significant corporations like Gillette and Toshiba.

Commercials he’s produced have been broadcast in China, the United States, and Thailand, among other places. In addition, Kevin may be seen in five different independent films, all of which feature him in some capacity. At the New York City Abercrombie and Fitch location on Fifth Avenue, Kreider was the first Asian-American employee to welcome customers shirtless.

The year 2021 marked the beginning of his rise to fame due to his participation in the cast of the reality show “Bling Empire.” The show features a significant number of wealthy Asian Americans who currently reside in the Los Angeles area. Kevin is financially constrained substantially. There is no question that he is not odd.

Because of the long hours, he put in at his job in the entertainment industry in 2014. It was determined that he suffered from alopecia areata, a form of autoimmune hair loss that targets the hair follicles. In only two weeks, he suffered the loss of the majority of his hair as well as his employment as a model.

To hone his acting skills, he attended a Meisner acting conservatory for the whole two years. After being diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, he went on a skateboarding tour throughout the United States and wrote a book about it. It is anticipated that Kevin Kreider will have a net worth of approximately $10,000 as of October 2022.

Kevin Kreider Net Worth

Kevin Kreider’s wealth has been speculated upon due to his numerous engagements. There are rumblings that he is now worth more than $10 million. In an interview with E News, Kevin dispelled this notion once and for all (opens in new tab). Although we could not confirm his wealth, it is highly doubtful that he shared an apartment with others and paid under $1,000 per month.

What About Kevin’s Love Life?

Those anticipating a romantic reconciliation between Kim and Kevin should probably not hold their breath. Kim has already told Kevin that he’s not her type, so clearly, they don’t work out.

But as seen in the third season, Kevin has lately gotten in touch with his ex-girlfriend, Devon Diep. Years ago, they split up because he couldn’t be in a relationship with her while drinking. He said Devon is the only other woman he’s ever considered marrying. They had previously canoed throughout Europe and decided to give it another go.

We dug around to see if the exes-turned-new-lovers were still together and discovered that Kevin will play Devon’s husband in the music video for her next single, “Talk About.” Kevin uploaded a video to Instagram on August 26 showing him chatting it up with her and Christine.

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