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How Did Kevin Kreider Reach $10 Million Milestone? Real or Fake!

This is where you can find Kevin Kreider of the Bling Empire. There’s a long line up here! As of January 2021, the model-turned-reality TV star has become an internet sensation. Television features wealthy Asian-Americans in Los Angeles such as billionaire Anna Shay, DJ Kim Lee, and Kelly & Andrew who all lead lavish lifestyles featured on the show

When it came to the show’s cast members, we were astounded by their luxurious lifestyles, and Kevin Kreider was no exception. Unlike them, the model, who is of Korean ancestry but was raised in Pennsylvania by white parents, was not born into a wealthy family.

Because of his encounters with the Bling Empire, his knowledge of Asian culture has expanded significantly. After the second season, Kevin was able to inject the show with an authenticity that his co-stars we’re unable to provide. Because Andrew liked Kelly Mi Li, the connection between the two of them was never easy, but Andrew was always there to provide comfort and support for Kelly.

He also formed a close relationship with Kim Lee, whom he aided in her search for her biological father.

Net Worth: $10 Million
Age: 37
Born: August 21, 1983
Country of Origin: Korea
Source of Wealth: Reality Star
Last Updated: 2022

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Kevin Kreider’s Net worth

Kevin has recently rejected allegations that he is worth $10 million. During an appearance on CNBC’s Make It, he promised, “I’ll let everyone know when it happens. Out of all of my endeavors, I felt like my most fruitful years as a personal trainer were when I had $26,000 in credit card debt.

As a result of the performance, I now recognize that my finest days are still to come. Furthermore, these events are going to happen right now.” A 515-square-foot apartment for $1,700 has finally been found for Kev, despite the fact that his fellow actors still have several years before they can afford to do the same.

What I expected would be closer to $20,000 turned out to be closer to $19,000. The adjective “luxury” is used by Jamie Xie to describe his girlfriend’s home, despite the fact she claims to be the one who pays for it.

Kevin Kreider Early Life

Kevin Kreider was born on August 21, 1983, the same day as Kim Jong-soo. When he was just three years old, Kreider was taken in by a German/Irish family living in Philadelphia. As the “Asian man” in the group, he was humiliated and felt out of place in the group.

The majority of his life was devoted to making cosmetic changes in an effort to boost his self-esteem and self-confidence. It was stated in an interview that Kreider’s identity, self-confidence, and views of Asian masculinity have been a source of stress and anxiety for him.

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Kevin Kreider Career

Men’s Fitness and Gillette and Peloton are among the companies that Kevin Kreider says he has appeared in on his website. On the Bling Empire show, he’s also a guest star He has also appeared in documentaries such as The Ugly Model and Dating After College.

His 2018 TED Talk, titled “Redefining Asian Masculinity,” was titled “Redefining Asian Maleness.” In it, he talks of being teased because he was tiny and because he was a minority. Questioned on how he envisions a world where Asian men can love and be loved unconditionally without fear of being stereotyped as uncaring or selfish, he said: ‘Not because of a stereotype.’ Asian men, like any other race, have the potential to be attractive, charismatic, and entertaining.

He was invited into the Bling Empire’s inner circle because of a video he made about Asian masculinity. Kevin stated to Bustle that Kelly got in touch with him after viewing them and proposed they meet up if he ever visited Los Angeles.

Kevin Kreider Personal Life

Kevin hasn’t found a mate as of this writing. In the meantime, this may not be the case. According to an Entertainment Weekly interview from last year, Kevin and Kim Lee, another cast member, may have chemistry.

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Once Kane and Kevin identify her biological father together, Kim and Kevin become great friends. After meeting her through Kane’s buddy Kim, Kevin found her repugnant and only tolerated her since she was Kane’s close friend.

It appears, though, that the two are better off as friends now that circumstances have altered so much… Even though Kelly was not a cast member, Kevin was shown to be interested in her. Kevin loves the dating scene, and it’s safe to say that!

Final Lines

Although he is the show’s ‘low outsider,’ Kevin Kreider appears to have a healthy net worth. His net worth is unknown, but numerous websites (including The Tab) estimate his net worth at USD $10 million, which Kevin himself refers to as an “expectation”.

“I think I’m the last one to realize how much I’m worth. As a second point, it appears to be a long-term forecast rather than a short-term forecast “he revealed

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