Kevin Samuels Wife: Is He Married Or Not?, Divorce, Children, and Petition, and More

Lifestyle coach, dating specialist, and appearance consultant, Kevin Samuels is based in the United States. He is well-known for his intelligent opinions on a wide range of topics, including fashion, health, and personal relationships. On his YouTube channel, Kevin broadcasts films about his lifestyle, clothing, and dating difficulties. Kevin Samuels is expected to have a net worth of roughly $3 million by the year 2021.

Who Is Kevin Samuel?

Self-described “professional image consultant” Kevin Samuels In particular, his slick-tongued remarks intended at African-American women propelled him to popularity. Designed for the modern Black lady,’ his material is a blend of hard facts and light fun.

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Kevin Samuels Life and Eduction

Kevin Samuels was born in the United States and grew up there. He’s a Christian, and he’s really devout. As he was born in March, he was a Pisces. He had a height of 6 ft 2 in and a weight of 165 lbs. As a citizen of the United States, he has American nationality. When he was young, his parents are supposed to have divorced, and he was quite close to his mother. He’s also been married twice, his homosexuality has been brought up by admirers, and he’s been caught plagiarising his own work on American radio and the internet. While his schooling was still a mystery, it will soon be revealed.

Kevin Samuels Personal Life

As of now, no information about Kevin’s second marriage or if he has children is available on the internet. Kevin has kept both of his marriages private.

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Kevin Samuel’s Career

As a business development manager at an office in office deport, Kevin began his professional career. He was also a sales representative for SuperMedia’s internal online advertising. In the year 2013, he chose to leave his work and become a media consultant and an image consultant for YP.

Whom Is Kevin Samuel Dating?

When it comes to dating advice, we’re all familiar with Kevin Samuels. Who is Kevin Samuels’ spouse? Is he in a relationship with anyone? A 29-year-old Instagram model known as @sixthegoddis posted a photo of Samuels and her to Instagram in August 2020.

The relationship between her and Samuels is still up in the air. It’s unknown if the couple is still together as of February 2021, as they haven’t revealed much about their relationship online.

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Kevin Samuel’s Wife, Divorce, and Children

With regards to a dating guru, one would presume that their love life is doing great. Is this really the case, or is it just an urban legend? As the unfortunate marriage of Kevin Samuels shows, this isn’t always the case. By providing dating and marriage advice to others, Kevin is able to earn money. However, we believe Kevin fell short in his personal life when it came to putting his concepts into effect.

Kevin Samuels was married in the past, as many of you may already know. Exactly who Kevin Samuels’s wife remains a mystery. The fact that Kevin and his ex-wife share custody of their daughter are well-known.

Kevin Samuel’s Petition

With his greater audience being the black community, Kevin has not been sitting well with most of his admirers. The internet has taken matters into its own hands and established a petition for his removal on social media networks. He was recently called out for making content that insults African American women, which has supposedly led to an upsurge in violence against women. The petition noted that women no longer feel safe especially when near men who believe in Samuels’ beliefs and ideologies. He has been accused of objectifying women and fostering hostility towards them. Here are some of the comments posted by people lobbying for his removal from social media.