Kidnapped Bride Manhwa: Don’t Miss the Exciting Recap and Spoiler!

Kidnapped Bride Manhwa: Kidnapped Bride is a fantasy romance manhwa that is popular on Korean manhwa websites such as Naver and Kakao. This webtoon’s illustration is flawless, which is one of the reasons why people are becoming so invested in this manhwa.

Kidnapped Bride is also supported by an emotional plotline that will melt anyone’s heart. There is no turning back once you start reading. It’s both amusing and romantic. For all of you who enjoy reading romance manhwa, you might fall in love with our main character, who is a very handsome dragon.

Lucina, a beautiful girl, is the protagonist of Kidnapped Bride. She is from a wealthy and well-established family. Lucina, on the other hand, is not her father’s legitimate child. Lucina has had to face many difficulties in her life from a young age because she is an illegitimate child. Lucina’s stepmother physically abuses her one day, and she flees into the jungle to get some fresh air.

She discovers an enormous wounded dragon there. Because Lucina possesses the healing power, she promises the dragon that she will heal him because being hurt can be painful. While healing the wound, Lucina faints the dragon, who transforms into a handsome man and carries her back home.

Now that Lucina has reached adulthood, she has been promised marriage to an elderly King, Brian. Lucina does not want to marry, but she has no choice but to comply with her family’s demands. Her stepbrother steals a large amount of treasure from The Majaruk on the night of Lucina’s wedding.

Their warriors seize control of the entire palace in order to reclaim their treasure. Lucina sees this as an opportunity to flee and decides to do so. Her stepmother, on the other hand, offers her hand in marriage in exchange for saving their lives.

After seeing Lucina, the King of Tayar, Hakkan, decides to marry her. She reminds him of the human girl who once saved his life. When he asks Lucina if she wants to get married or be killed, she chooses marriage. Following her marriage, the king transports her to Tayar.

Kidnapped Bride Manhwa
Kidnapped Bride Manhwa

Recap of Kidnapped Bride

Lucina was kidnapped and later saved by Hakkan in the previous chapter. Lucina was suffering from a high fever. Hakka becomes concerned about her health and begs forgiveness. Hakkan orders his worrywarts to get Lucina some warm water and clean clothes so she can change.

Lucina feels safe and warm around Hakkan and refuses to leave his side. Lucina makes a decision about Hakkan while resting inside her tent. Fuka, a forest elf, is also introduced to her. Fuka inquires about Lucina’s healing abilities and informs her that he has been following her since she was kidnapped.

Fuka warns her not to reveal her healing abilities because she may end up in dangerous situations. When Lucina doesn’t get it, he tells her that everyone is looking for this ability. If anyone finds out, they will all want to capture her to meet their demands.

Hakkan notices some acne on Lucina’s face. When he tries to summon a pharmacist, his warriors examine her face and advise Hakkan to avoid him because his acne resembles smallpox.

Kidnapped Bride Spoiler

Lucina will try to persuade the warriors in the next chapter that she does not have smallpox and that it is simply a side effect of hair dying. Lucina is still very conscious and hesitant to express herself, so it will be interesting to see how she will persuade them to trust her regardless of their safety. We are also confident that Hakkan will go to any length to protect her and give her the opportunity to explain herself.

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