How Much Is Kimberley Conrad’s Net Worth And Biography 2022?

Kimberley Conrad’s net worth in 2022 will be the subject of today’s article. In addition to modeling and acting, she is a native of the United States. In addition to Kimberley’s net worth, we’ll go over her early life, professional career, personal life, and more in this article. So make sure you finish reading this piece. Don’t forget to watch the Kimberley Conrad secret facts video at the end of this article before you leave it behind!

Kimberley Conrad’s Early Life

She was born in Moulton, Alabama, on August 6, 1962. Kimberley’s full name is Kimberley Coonradt, and she went by that name in her early years. Reno, Nevada, was her home for the next eight years after her family relocated there when she was just four years old. The majority of her teenage years were spent in the Canadian province of British Columbia after moving there at the age of 11. She had an interest in modeling since she was a child and wanted to pursue a career in the industry. Her educational history and parents’ identities remain a mystery at this time. Nevertheless, she had a younger sister named Resa miller.

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Kimberley Conrad’s Age And Height 

Kimberley is a 58-year-old woman. A 5-foot-9-inch (1.75-meter) woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes, she weighs 135 pounds (62kgs).

Love life And Marriage With Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner and Kimberley had been dating for about a year when they tied the knot in 1989. Marston Glenn Hefner was born on April 9th, 1990, and Cooper Bradford Hefner was born on September 4th, 1991. The separation between Kimberley and Hugh occurred in 1998, but divorce was not finalized until 2010 when Kimberley filed for bankruptcy. Hugh has denied Kimberley’s claims that he cheated on her, which she blamed for their divorce.

Kimberley Conrad’s Kids
Kimberley Conrad’s Kids

Hugh married Mildred ‘Millie’ Williams while she was a student at Northwestern University, where he first met her. They got married in 1949, and Christie and David were born in 1952 and 1955, respectively, as a result of their union. Hugh’s divorce from his first wife was finalized in 1959, after which he reportedly dated up to seven women at once. The model Crystal Harris first caught his eye in January 2009, and the two got engaged in June of that year before calling it quits in June of the following year, though they were eventually married on December 31, 2012. Her divorce from Hugh Hefner was finalized in January 2021, and she hasn’t talked about any men she’s had a relationship with since then. She has two sons.

Kimberley Conrad’s Career

When she was 17, she did a few modeling jobs to get her foot in the door. The agent John Casablancas invited her to work with Elite Model Management during this period. She quickly made a name for herself as a top Canadian model. The Vancouver photographer Ken Honey, who she met later on, persuaded her to work on a few projects for the magazine Playboy after meeting her. Kimberley was also the Playmate of the Month in the Playboy magazine in 1988 and the Playmate of the Year in 1989.

With Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner, she got married in the same year. In her marriage to Hugh and as a Playboy photographer, he gained a lot of attention. Several of her Playboy videos featured her, and a special edition of the Playboy newsstand magazine was published just for her. After a few years of marriage, she took a break from modeling because she was focusing on starting a family. When Kimberley’s son asked her to recreate her August 1988 cover after 29 years, she was thrust back into the public eye. Those who were Playmates from the 1970s to the 1990s were honored in this way. Hugh believes that once you play with someone, you never get rid of them.

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Kimberley Conrad’s Net Worth

The girl was born in Nevada and grew up in British Columbia. There is no record of her educational background. For her professional career, at the age of 17, she began posing for fashion photographs. An opportunity to work with Hugh Hefner came about after being persuaded to do a photoshoot for Playboy magazine by a photographer. Playmate of the Month in 1988 and Player of the Year in 1989 were Kimberly’s honors. She received a Porsche 911 in addition to her salary for working on these two projects.

After dating Hugh Hefner in 1988, Kimberley became Hefner’s second wife on July 1st, 1989, when they were married in Los Angeles. In their relationship, they had two children: Marston Glenn, born on April 9, 1990; and Cooper Bradford, who was born on September 4. For the first time in their marriage, they decided to live apart but not divorce each other after nine years. Impossible differences led to the couple’s divorce, which was finalized in March of that year. Kimberley Conrad is currently unattached. As a vegetarian, Kimberley is Kimberley. She is also well-known for her work with the animal rights group PETA.

Name Kimberley Conrad
Profession Model and Actress
Net Worth (2022) $32 Million
Source of Income Modeling Work, Salary from Movies and TV Shows, and Money Provided by Hugh Hefner after Divorce
Last Updated 2022


  • Christie Hefner’s ex-stepmother.
  • Keith Hefner’s ex-sister-in-law.
  • Featured in the film Hefner: Unauthorized by Rebecca Romijn (1999).
  • Hefner’s mother raised Marston and Cooper as well.
  • The year 1989’s Playboy Playmate
  • January 1988 Playboy Playmate of the Month

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