Kris Wu Could Face Chemical Castration?

Kris Wu could face chemical castration? With the announcement of Kris Wu’s 13-year rape sentence, much speculation has centred on whether or not he will be chemically castrated upon his return to Canada.

Canadian-Chinese singer and ex-member of EXO Kris Wu was found guilty of rape and orgy on November 25 and given a 13-year prison sentence by a Beijing court. Kris received a total of 12 years and 4 months in prison after being found guilty of raping a minor and planning an orgy.

Kris Wu Could Face Chemical Castration
Kris Wu Could Face Chemical Castration

After he completes his time in prison, he will likely be deported from China. After hearing that Kris will spend 13 years behind bars in China, Chinese media sources have begun to speculate about whether or not Canada will subject Kris to chemical castration upon his return.

Canada is one of the countries that routinely use chemical castration on s*x offenders who have been found to be repeat offenders. This procedure involves injecting medicines or hormones to reduce s*xual desire.

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In addition to injecting medications and hormones to chemically castrate inmates, it is common knowledge that the Correctional Service of Canada also provides individual psychotherapy, group counselling, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

K-netizens responded, “They should do it,” “How did he become like that? I’m so shocked that I forget he was part of EXO,” “They should adopt this in Korea too,” “This is so needed in Korea too,” “Let’s chemically castrate s*x offenders in Korea too,” “Why can’t we just castrate them like snip them down there,” “He’s a public figure so I feel like Canada would chemical castrate him since this is so well known,” and “It’s not confirmed yet but I wish he would.”

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