Dispatch Details Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young’s Extravagant Spending Using Business Card

Kwon Jin Young’s Extravagant Spending Using Business Card: Kwon Jin Young, CEO of Hook Entertainment, was exposed for using the business credit card for extravagant personal purchases, while she pushed Lee Seung Gi to pay for his own meals out of pocket.

This was uncovered by Dispatch. It was previously reported that Lee Seung Gi has asked Hook Entertainment for a full accounting of his 18 years’ worth of music earnings. CEO Kwon Jin Young was also exposed for using the “minus vocalist” card to repeatedly gaslight Lee Seung Gi.

Even as rumours surfaced that Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young closely monitored the spending of star employees Lee Seung Gi and his manager, Dispatch now claims that Jin Young spent tens of millions of won on herself, her family, and other people with the corporate credit card.

CEO Kwon Jin Young
CEO Kwon Jin Young

CEO Kwon Jin Young racked up about 2.8 billion won ($2,125,293 USD) in charges from January 2016 through July 2017, according to reports published by Dispatch on November 30 KST. Kwon Jin Young used business money to go on vacation with her friends, buy expensive clothes, go to the movies, play video games, and more.

Kwon Jin Young registered her younger sibling as a phoney employee and set her annual compensation at 2.6 billion won ($1,973,487 USD), while also taking an additional 400 million won ($303,591 USD) from the company.

To be more specific, Kwon Jin Young’s spending report showed that she had given her mother and a Louis Vuitton employee gifts totalling 5 million won ($3,794 USD) and 10 million won ($7,588 USD), respectively, using the corporate credit card.

Kwon Jin Young’s mother spent almost 103 million won ($78,162 USD) of corporate money, while the Louis Vuitton worker spent more than 108 million won ($81,956 USD) of company money.

Meanwhile, text messages between Lee Seung Gi’s manager and CEO Kwon Jin Young have recently been made public, in which the manager admits to using the company card to purchase a sandwich and coffee for Lee Seung Gi for dinner, at a cost of about 29,800 won ($22 USD), and to pay 14,500 won ($10.70 USD) for parking during Lee Seung Gi’s drama script reading session.

To that end, Kwon Jin Young exerted pressure on the manager, prompting him to persuade Lee Seung Gi to use his own money. Contrary to what Dispatch claims, Hook Entertainment entered into a 7:3 deal with Lee Seung Gi on the condition that they would handle all of his financial needs.

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