Lawsuit Filed by Goo Hye Sun Against Youtube Reporter Lee Jin Ho

Lawsuit Filed by Goo Hye Sun Against Youtube Reporter Lee Jin Ho. Goo Hye Sun sued YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho in May 2021 for publishing defamatory statements about her split from Ahn Jae Hyun. The case was dismissed on November 21 according to a statement released by the Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s Office.

Back in May of last year, an anonymous source allegedly wrote a letter to Lee Jin Ho saying that Ahn Jae Hyun had cheated on her with another actress while on a group outing with other members of the cast.

Actor Ahn Jae Hyun was described in great detail, including his close physical touch with an actress, in a written document. She was Goo Hye Sun’s friend, but the anonymous source said Ahn Jae Hyun still showed his public adoration for the other actress.

Goo Hye Sun and Lee Jin Ho
Goo Hye Sun and Lee Jin Ho

Lee Jin Ho, however, cast doubt on the veracity of the written evidence and asserted that the means by which this document was disseminated were dubious. He further noted that the paper did not conform to the standard format for a legal document and that the resident registration number of the person making the statement was not included.

Goo Hye Sun retaliated by suing Lee Jin Ho for defamation and libel after he publicly disparaged her. Goo Hye Sun stated that a close friend and coworker of hers in the entertainment industry authored the document that was posted online.

A coworker had written a statement that had been given to her attorney, she said at the time. Goo Hye Sun added, “It’s been a long time but that statement was leaked through unknown means. It caused trouble for my friend so I am very sorry.”

When the case against Goo Hye Sun was finally resolved in June, her legal team immediately filed an objection in July. However, no shifts have occurred in the outcomes. The court case has been dismissed once more.

The prosecution office explained, “Looking at the content of the video, it can’t be seen as being stating facts in a hostile way and it is difficult to say that there is a purpose of defamation.”

It is important to state facts that may impair the social value or appraisal of a specific individual in order to establish defamation, as per Supreme Court precedent, however, Lee Jin Ho did not state facts.

In addition, the prosecution added, “Since it has been acknowledged that the YouTuber actually confirmed whether or not the individual wrote a statement for actress A, there is no evidence to say that the defendant recognized that the contents of his remarks are false.”

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