“LeBron James Cheated On His Wife Savannah With Drew Sidora” ‘RHOA’ Star’s Sister Reveals Truth

We went on a few dates and he even flew me to see him play in his games. In the most recent episode of “RHOA,” Sidora dished about her ex-boyfriend, an NBA star, saying, “He used to listen to my music before his games.” Drew Sidora’s revelation of her relationship with LeBron James on a recent episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” sparked the affair rumors. They dated around 2002 or 2003,” Allison Jordan, Sidora’s sister, said in a TikTok video, putting an end to the rumor.

At a dinner in New York City during an episode of “RHOA,” Kenya Moore reportedly asked Drew and the cast members to name the celebrity who had made the greatest impression on them. This sparked the rumor that spread throughout the city. To which Drew replied, “I was at Melrose and we were at a restaurant and a certain king of the NBA sent me over a drink.” Then, the table started calling out names, which were later censored from the broadcast. “We went on a couple of dates,” she continued, “and he flew me to his games.” Previous to each of his games, he would listen to my music. He owed his recent success to my tunes. Although the rest of the cast pointed out that NBA great Michael Jordan is now married to Savannah James, Sidora insisted that this was before the couple got hitched.

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What’s Really Going On: The Truth Behind The Rumor

Allison Jordan, sister of Drew Sidora, posted a video to her TikTok account to dispel the infidelity rumors. She continued, “The only reason I’m addressing this is that we sit back and let things happen to people we care about, and you guys are running with a story that is not true. We allow falsehoods to germinate and flourish. I try to stay out of this, but y’all need to stop this. She then proceeded to outline when each of them first began dating each other. In 2002 or 2003, Drew had the pleasure of meeting LeBron James.

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Yes, they were having a conversation; in fact, Drew and I have a hotel room. People always referred to my sister and me as “two girls against the world” because of how close we were. They went on dates, talked on the phone all day and night, went out to games and dinners, and never once had to sneak around or use secret passageways. Randy, his uncle, and I are friends. He and Drew had mutual respect for one another. Just do the math: Drew Sidora and LeBron James started dating in 2003, and he wed his stunning bride in 2013.

Lebron And His Wife’s Relationship

LeBron James’ infidelity with his wife Savannah has been suggested on multiple occasions. Both LeBron and Savannah were rumor-phobic, but they always chose to ignore it. Fans, however, believe that LeBron responded to Drew’s confession by sharing a touching tribute to his wife on Instagram.

Savannah and LeBron met in high school and were married in 2013.