Lee Jihan, A 24-Year-Old K-Pop Singer And Actor, Was Killed In A Crush On Halloween In Seoul

Lee Jihan, A 24-Year-Old K-Pop Singer And Actor, Was Killed In A Crush On Halloween In Seoul. Lee Jihan rose to prominence after appearing on the South Korean reality show Produce 101, in which a total of 101 aspiring K-Pop singers battled to become the lead singer of a boy band.

Over 150 people were murdered in a stampede on Halloween in Seoul, and one of those confirmed dead is K-pop sensation and actor Lee Jihan. The 24-year-old Jihan rose to popularity after competing in a South Korean singing competition.

Sunday’s announcement came from the star’s agencies (935 Entertainment and 9Auto Entertainment). They posted a black square on Instagram with a statement telling fans that Jihan “has become a light in the sky and left us,” adding that they were “heartbroken to be faced with dreadful news” of his passing.

Lee Ji Han
Lee Ji Han

They termed him “a kind and loving friend to all” and offered their “heartfelt condolences” to his family and friends. They praised his “bright grin” and “passion for acting” while sending their best wishes for his “final voyage.” Jihan shot to stardom in 2017 after appearing on the South Korean reality show Produce 101, in which 101 aspiring K-pop singers competed for a spot in an 11-member boy band.

Jihan used the exposure from the show to launch a career in acting, starring in the South Korean high school drama Today Was Another Nam Hyun Day after she was cut from the final band, Wanna One. Park Heeseok, Kim Do-Hyun, and Cho Jin Hyung, all alums of the original Produce 101, also attended.

“Ji Han has left this world and gone to a comfortable place,” they said in a joint statement. On his final journey, we ask that you say your goodbyes to him. Burial services for the fatalities have begun, and the South Korean government has promised to help cover the costs. A funeral service for Ji Han is scheduled on November 1.

Other revelers who were caught up in the crash described the “slow and agonizing” terror as the calamity developed, with individuals being unable to move or breathe as the mass was pushed down the tiny street. Nathan Taverniti, a witness from Sydney, Australia, recalled the trauma of viewing his friend’s death on a now-deleted TikTok video.

Mr. Taverniti stated, “I was there when she said she couldn’t breathe. You have to turn around, we yelled, but no one listened. He said it wasn’t a stampede, but a “slow and agonizing” crush. Two other friends of his were hurt as well. Tearfully, Mr. Taverniti said, “I watched as others filmed, and sang, and laughed as my friends were dying, along with many other people,” in his video, which has been viewed over nine million times.

You already have an idea of how many individuals attended that function. What was the matter with you that you weren’t ready? Another Australian witness, Olivia Jacovic, testified that the crowding on the street left her clothes torn and her arms damaged. Korean resident and worker age 27 said, “People just couldn’t breathe.” on Channel 9 news.

Those of us who are shorter were just trying to glance up and catch our breath. She mentioned that the Halloween party’s location was along a hill and that there had been reports of guests “falling down” at the bottom, causing a “domino effect” of people tripping over one another.

Costa Rican architect Ken Fallas, who has been living and working in South Korea for the past eight years, has observed many young people smiling because they are “too afraid” to show any other emotion in response to what they have just experienced.

Cancellation Of K-Pop Releases And Events

As a result of the Halloween stampede in Seoul’s Itaewon party district, which mostly affected persons in their teens and early twenties, South Korea is currently in a time of national mourning. Local media accounts speculated that the mob rushed down the small street because they had heard an unnamed celebrity was in the vicinity, but the exact cause of the incident remains unknown.

At least 26 non-locals, primarily from the United States, Australia, Iran, Uzbekistan, China, and Norway, were killed in the disaster. The tragedy has resulted in the postponement or cancellation of numerous K-Pop song releases and events, many of which were Halloween-themed.

Concerts involving numerous South Korean singing talents were supposed to take place on 30 October as part of the 2022 Busan One Asia Festival, but have since been postponed. These concerts were scheduled to showcase BTS member Kim Seok-jin and take place on 30 and 31 October, respectively.

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