Lee Soo Man Discusses SM Performers Future Ambitions, Including New Unit Groups Formation NCT Saudi and NCT Tokyo

Lee Soo Man Discusses SM Performers: The future ambitions of SM Entertainment and its effort to expand into other nations were detailed in an article published by the American news media site CNBC on December 1.

CNBC reported that SM Entertainment confirmed its plans to expand into Singapore and has set up a Southeast Asia headquarters in Singapore. CNBC explained, “The Singapore headquarters will also be “managing joint ventures in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, as well as communicating with [its South Korea office] for other related ventures and plans.

Lee Soo Man Discusses SM Performers
Lee Soo Man Discusses SM Performers

It was also revealed that SM Entertainment plans to expand into other parts of Asia, including Southeast Asia and the Middle East. SM founder Lee Soo Man revealed to CNBC, “that SuperM will be making a comeback announcement in early 2023. He also plans to create new groups or subunits.

Many internet users have been rendered speechless by recent revelations about SM Entertainment and its artists’ plans.

Lee Soo Man‘s plan to broaden the NCT empire across Asia was met with scepticism from many. He was criticised for not putting more effort into promoting SM’s already established artists rather than recruiting new members and forming new unit groups.

Netizens commented, “He should take care of the ones he has, just because he expands doesn’t mean it will bring success. Does he think he is properly managing the artists already at SM?” “Would they be popular with Saudi people?” “Please don’t do that,” “NCT Tokyo was expected but NCT Saudi?” “He’s just recreating the Japanese AKB idol group,” “Please take care of NCT,” “Saudi, lol, I think he’s targeting the money,” “They can’t even manage NCT’s comebacks,” “Please, stop making more unit groups,” “Saudi is so random,” and “Please don’t.”

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