Can We Assume That Legend of the White Dragon Be Released in 2023?

Legend of the White Dragon: The role of Tommy Oliver on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” which Jason David Frank played from 1993 to 1996, catapulted him to popularity. In the first season, he played the Green Ranger, who fought against the other Rangers while under Rita Repulsa’s influence.

The Power Rangers eventually rescue Oliver from Repulsa, and he goes on to become their leader. While the other Power Rangers were well-liked as well, Oliver stood out as a fan favourite thanks to his unique past and dramatic character arc.

Frank played Oliver numerous times throughout his career, despite the fact that his role on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” only lasted for three seasons. Bat in the Sun Productions teamed up with him again for their 2018 animated short “Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown,” in which he reprised his part.

There’s a lot of throwback material in the picture, such as a brave Oliver, some flashy power coins, and, of course, morphin’ time. Over 8 million people have watched the short, indicating that fans of The Power Rangers and Jason David Frank will never get sick of either.

The Latest on Jason The news of David Frank’s passing devastated children of the ’90s on November 20, 2022. Frank’s death means we’ll never get to see more new Tommy Oliver episodes, but he did work on one more project with Bat in the Sun Productions, the Power Rangers-inspired “Legend of the White Dragon.”

Legend of the White Dragon
Legend of the White Dragon

Legend of the White Dragon Release Date

His upcoming fan film for the Power Rangers, titled Legend of the White Dragon, will be released in 2023.

Legend of the White Dragon Cast

  • Jason David Frank
  • David Ramsey
  • Mark Dacascos
  • Aaron Schoenke
  • Chalet Lizette Brannan
  • Mayling Ng

Mark Dacascos (Xang), Cerina Vincent (Rachele Brooke Smith), Michael Madsen (Ciara Hanna), Andrew dice (Tatiana Neva), Kevin Porter (Jason Faunt), Ciera Foster (Charlotte Benesch), Ciera Foster (Lola Blanc), and Jason Faunt (Nicole Fong).

Legend of the White Dragon Story

In July 2019, Bat in the Sun Productions began a Kickstarter for their film “Legend of the White Dragon.” Although the Kickstarter page makes no direct reference to the Power Rangers, the header image of a hero wearing recognisable metal armour is a dead giveaway.

But even if you don’t pick up on that, the actors they’ve cast are a significant clue. The cast also includes Jason Faunt (“Power Rangers Time Force”) and Ciara Hanna (“Power Rangers Megaforce”), both of whom previously portrayed the titular characters on their respective shows. In May 2020, 5,259 devoted viewers got the word and pledged $508,618 to help make the feature picture a reality.

While the Power Rangers may have served as inspiration for “The Legend of the White Dragon,” the film’s characters and plot are entirely original. The official summary states that Jason David Frank’s character, Erik Reed, played a city guardian until he lost his powers in a showdown with an ancient overlord named Ashtagor.

Reed is now on the run because he is blamed for the fighting that led to the deaths and property damage. Reed struggles to reclaim his abilities while dodging the law and his powerful enemy, Dragon Prime. The trailer, which debuted in December 2021, demonstrates a considerably darker tone and overall mood than the kid-friendly “Power Rangers.”

Frank told Comic Book he was looking forward to giving Oliver fans a darker, more nuanced version of the character. Since Erik Reed is so diametrically opposed to Tommy Oliver, he believes the audience will identify with him. What they’ll see is David foster in a more grown-up role, which means he’s doing stuff that’s “not for kids, nothing that’s PG-13,” as Frank puts it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legend of the White Dragon a real movie?

Legend of the White Dragon, a fan-made Power Rangers movie that was funded on Kickstarter, is where he was last seen on screen. Its release date is set for 2023.

What is the legend of the white dragon based on?

The Film’s Plot, Characters, and New Developments in the Legend of the White Dragon Were Inspired by the Power Rangers. Fans of the Power Rangers now enjoy a darker, more dystopian take on the franchise thanks to this fan film featuring series alumnus Jason David Frank.

Who did the White Dragon represent?

The white dragon stood for the invading Saxons, while the red dragon stood for Vortigern and his people. Although the white dragon appeared to be winning at first, the red dragon eventually prevailed thanks to its dogged persistence and heroic actions.

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