Lily of NMIXX Debuts Her Book and Movie Club Lily’s Lost the Plot!

Lily of NMIXX: Lily of NMIXX has recently launched her own book and film club called “Lily’s Lost the Plot!” The announcement was announced on NMIXX’s official SNS on January 15 alongside a poster with the caption:

“LILY’s Lost The Plot


2023.01 Coming Soon”

Lily had previously declared this to be her book and movie club. A play on her name, “Lily,” the Hangul words for “reel,” and “reading,” “Lilyliya Lilyding,” was also previously chosen as the Korean title of this book and movie group.

Lily of NMIXX
Lily of NMIXX

Little information has been made public about this team so far, but there will be more announcements before the month is out.

Lily (NMIXX)

Currently signed to JYP Entertainment, Lily is a singer, songwriter, and actress of South Korean and Australian descent. She’s in the girl band NMIXX. Lily applied to be on the fourth season of “K-pop Star” in November of 2014, and the show accepted her. In the 19th episode, after finishing fourth overall, she was eliminated.

This news of Lily’s exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment was released on May 14, 2015. It was speculated that JYP Entertainment would be releasing a new girl group after a teaser with the slogan “Your Next Favorite Girl group” was released on July 9, 2021.  On November 19th, a cover of Bruno Mars’s “Finesse” announced Lily as the group’s seventh member.

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