Little Women EP 12: Ending Explained And In-Hye’s Surprise For Her Sisters

Little Women EP 12: Creators Kim Hee-Won and Chung Seo-Kyung cap off an outstanding season of Little Women. We’re intrigued to find out what David did to defeat Goliath. Here, In-Joo and Choi play the role of David, the underdog tasked with defeating Goliath Wong-Sang-a, who is on a murdering spree for pleasure.

Their strategy now that Wong Sang-time’s is nearly up is to use Hwa-resurrection Young’s as a weapon. In this court appearance, the circumstances of Hwa-death Young are revealed, altering the previous account. The beginnings and endings of the three acts are not clearly defined. The story is fragmented, making it difficult for anyone—including the audience—to piece together what’s happening.

The season’s end improves upon the first because of all the new information we’ve gleaned. We’re asking because we thought we lost 70 million won, but maybe we didn’t. Additionally, the person you initially suspected of being the hero is the hero, which makes things better in retrospect. In contrast to other episodes, this one fails to shock.

As if to say, “Let’s see what the outcome can be for these three struggling siblings,” it gives you a little tug on your sleeve.

Does In-Joo Go To Prison?

In the opening moments of Little Women Season 12 Episode 12, Hwa-young testifies at In-final Joo’s trial. Hwa-young admits that she and Sang-ha stole 72 billion and that In-Joo is not responsible for the theft. She makes it clear that In-joo had no idea the money existed, and she accuses Sang-ha of manipulating her for a decade only for his amusement.

Hwa-young states that she only included In-joo for personal gain and that her original motivation was to exact revenge on Sang-ha. Hwa-young declined the Prosecutor’s request that she provide more information about the circumstances surrounding her claimed suicide.

For concealing the two billion won, the judge has given In-Joo a six-month prison sentence and a two-year probationary period. Sang-ha claims she is being framed and vows to help with the inquiry as she leaves the courtroom, telling reporters as much on her way out.

How Did Hwa-Young Find In-Joo In Singapore?

Once In-Joo has finished her term, In-Kyung and Jong-ho drive her back to Hye-bungalow. Suk’s This takes place six months later. Hwa-young is currently inside, waiting to see In-Joo and provide her account of events. Hwa-young says that she moved to Singapore with the expectation that In-Joo would utilize the two billion won to pursue her dreams but was taken aback to hear that the Oh sisters had been thrust into the embezzlement drama by Sang-actions. ha’s

At the Orchid festival, she saw Sang-ha for the first time. Hwa-young claims that she made numerous attempts to contact In-Joo but never managed to do so. Hwa-young remembers getting into the truck to protect In-Joo from the accident Park Jae-sang had staged as In-Joo left the bank with the 70 billion won cash. Hwa-young had stretched out to In-Joo, waking her up and pleading with her to take the money and run despite her head injury.

Once Hwa-young saw Sang-ha in her building, she claimed she called security. Hwa-young claims that when she fainted, she was rushed to the hospital and couldn’t make it back to South Korea to help In-Joo. Although Hwa-young puts herself in danger to save In-Joo, the latter resent her for it.

Hwa-young and In-joo make up, and Hwa-young asks In-joo to keep out of her business and let her live peacefully. After that, In-Joo gets a phone call from Do-il. He tells In-Joo that Hwa-young paid for her trip to the Netherlands with him and that his case was withdrawn for lack of proof. Do-il adds that he managed to capture In-hye and Hyo-rin. Hwa-young had already left the house when In-joo got a call from him.

How Did Fake Hwa-Young Die?

Using surveillance footage from her home, Hwa-young now claims that Sang-ha is a killer during a news conference. Her story goes that Hwa-young arranged for someone to kill themselves so she could vanish. But before the mother could do so, Sang-ha showed up at the house and hung the girl from a closet rod.

Hwa-young also publishes web software that will provide the general public access to the destroyed ledgers that Jae-sang was responsible for. All it takes is these books to prove that the Jeongran Society stole more than 70 billion won.

What Does Sang-Ha Do To Save Herself?

Sang-ha asks Soo-im if Hwa-young has any chance of survival as she watches the news report showcasing her. Since Sa-pyeong kidnapped In-Kyung, Jong-ho disapproves of her collaboration with him. In General Won’s sick room, Sang-ha and Sa-pyeong debate the Jeongran Society’s fate.

Sang-ha thinks she should be given the same opportunities as men to take charge of society. Sang-ha uses the blue orchid medicine to knock General Won out as he begins breathing hard in a vegetative state, prompting Sa-pyeong to hurry to his aid. She has also poured whatever it is into the nebulizer making General Won gasp for air.

As he fades away, Sa-pyeong tells Sang-ha she is too insane to ever be in charge of the Jeongran Society. After collapsing, Sang-ha orders Soo-im to create a spectacle out of Sa-death pyeong by publicly hanging him.

Did Sang-Ha Kill Hwa-Young And In-Joo?

On the journey to the Netherlands with Do-il, In-Joo starts acting anxious about Hwa-young. After reading a text, she puts down her phone and heads for the restroom. Do-il realizes that In-Joo has been missing for some time, so he sets out to find her. He tries to follow In-Joo off the plane after learning that he has left but is prevented from doing so because takeoff has already begun.

In the meantime, Sang-ha abducted Hwa-young under the pretense that she must wait for In-joo to appear. Hwa-young says that In-Joo is on a plane and cannot be there. Using a phone booth, In-Joo alerts the police about Sang-location, ha’s, and she then goes to the residence to meet them.

What Happened To Sa-Pyeong? Is Jong-Ho Alive?

Two students, In-Kyung and Jong-ho, discover Sa-body pyeong at Wonryeong High School. And at that very moment, some men show up there, slash Jong-ho with a sword, and take In-Kyung hostage. Jong-ho, injured, runs away and dials In-number. Joo’s.

The phone is answered by Do-il, who says he is on the way to Sang-has. After retrieving an item from a storage locker, In-Joo travels to Sang’s residence. When she goes in, she finds Hwa-young bound to a chair and Sang-ha waiting in the orchid room.

In-joo threatens to detonate a little bomb that Hee-Jae gave to her if she isn’t allowed to leave. Sang-ha claims that her original ending was different. She says she tampered with the water supply in the room’s vents to make it contain hydrochloric acid.

Does Sang-Ha kill In-Joo And Hwa-Young?

Sang-ha intends to eliminate both Hwa-young and the orchid tree. Sang-death ha’s mother is brought up as a distraction and a means of instigation by In-Joo. Sang-ha insists that her mother’s suicide by hanging was an accident, but she was nevertheless stunned to find her dead. Sang-ha continues by saying that he knew In-Joo was coming and just waiting for him to get there. Apart From This, are you interested to read about the Little Fires Everywhere Season 2 Release Date.

On the other hand, Do-il successfully blocks Soo-automobile with In-Kyung inside. Do-il and his men are fighting Soo-im and her men when Jong-ho arrives, frees In-Kyung, and whisks her away. When Sang-ha begins her celebration, the vent emits acid, killing Hwa-young through burns.

Is Sang-ha Dead? What Happens To The Blue Orchid Tree?

In-Joo uses the explosive to smash a metal gutter cover in the room and as a shield to protect Hwa-young from the flames while Sang-ha watches in glee. Do-il comes to the rescue just as In-Joo saves Hwa-young. Sang-ha tries to stop In-Joo as she leaves, but In-Joo throws her into the hydrochloric acid pond and watches as Sang-ha and the father tree, also known as the Blue Orchid tree, burn to death.

What Happens At The End Of Little Women?

Some days later, the press announced that Sang-ha was discovered dead in her home. While Jong-ho is hospitalized for his wounds, In-Kyung receives a letter from the late Sa-pyeong. General Won’s document about his discovery of the blue orchid and subsequent demonstration of his bravery in Vietnam was intended to clear his name of any wrongdoing in connection with the Jeongran society’s notorious practice of embezzlement.

Similarly, Hwa-young is currently hospitalized and making progress toward recovery. Before In-Joo boards his trip to Greece, he promises to see Do-il again and drops her off at the airport. During his time behind bars, In-Joo pays a visit to Hwa-young. Hwa-penalty young’s for her role in the embezzlement was 12 years in prison.

Hwa-young expresses gratitude to In-Joo for spending time with her, and she offers to reconnect at a later date. The tax bill arrives at the Oh residence, and In-Joo learns that Hye-suk left her an apartment as a gift. When In-Joo visits her, she is shocked by the dramatic change in her life.

Does In-Kyung Start Dating Jong-ho?

Having exposed Park Jae-sang, In-Kyung is now being courted by the same media outlet. She tells Jong-ho that she has other plans and declines the offer. In-Kyung reveals to Jong-ho that she intends to follow him to the United States because she longs to spend more time in his company. During their passionate embrace, Jong-ho says, “Do I make your heart race?” She responds affirmatively, and the two continue to linger in each other’s arms.

The Oh household currently includes In-Joo and In-Kyung. They debate the adjustments they’ve made and how they want their lives to go, and they lament that In-he hasn’t been in touch since she left. The two go on a tirade about how much they despise their parents, who have no idea what the three girls have been up to.

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