Live Up To Your Name Season 2 : Who Are The Actors In This Korean Television Drama Series?

Live Up To Your Name Season 2 is the second season of the same-named South Korean television drama series, which can be seen on the KBS2 television channel. It was shown on tvN every night at 21:00 from August 12 to October 1, 2017, and it was broadcast every night at 21:00 from August 12 to October 1, 2017. (KST).

Nonetheless, as seen by its 96 percent approval rating on television, this fantasy drama has developed a strong fan following throughout the course of its run. Every indication points to your ability to maintain your reputation for at least one more season, at the very least.

Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Plotline

Heo Im is an acupuncturist and a doctor of traditional culture medicine who practises in Seoul, South Korea. Heo Im has a doctorate in traditional culture medicine (treatment involving needles). He is engaged as a physician at a clinic for the poor, where he practises medicine. Evenings and weekends are set apart for covert trips to the mansions of nobility and government officials, during which he makes a tidy profit for himself and his family members.

After acquiring notoriety for his abilities, he was called by the monarch in order to aid him with his headaches, and he agreed to do so. Tragically, as a consequence of his anxiety, he was wrongfully convicted of treason and executed. Military personnel captured him despite his best attempts to flee. He had refused to go to prison and hence was detained. After being stuck in a river for a period of time, he was finally shot and killed with arrows by a group of people.

Upon waking up in Seoul, South Korea the next morning he realised that he had somehow travelled back in time and realised what had transpired. His search for answers leads him to Choi Yeon-Kyung, a colleague surgeon at Shinhan Hospital with whom he develops an unexpected relationship as a consequence of his efforts to find answers.

Live Up To Your Name Season 2

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Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Casts

Heo Im, a Joseon healer from 1592 known for curing the impoverished at his clinic Haeminseo, was portrayed by Kim Nam-Gil in this drama. As an alternative, Kim Ah-Joong portrayed Choi Yeon-Kyung, a female surgeon at Shinhan hospital who is severe and adheres to her professional code of ethics.. A sensible lady, she is the protagonist of this film, and she executes her work with precision.

Last Words-

There has been no official statement on the show’s future or whether or not there will be any special episodes. For a second season, the show’s popularity and its unique genre are enough to keep it running. However, you can rely on us to keep you informed through our website, which is updated on a regular basis. As a result, we could expect a new deal to be signed around the year 2022.

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