Singer Lizzo Releases New Version Of ‘Grrrls’ After Backlash: Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

On Friday, Lizzo surprised and pleased her listeners by releasing the lead single “Grrrls” from her upcoming fourth studio album, Special. However, the song was met with less enthusiasm than the singer had hoped, and it started trending on TikTok over the weekend amid user criticism of the singer’s controversial lyrical content.

The song begins, “Hold my bag, bitch / Hold my bag / Do you see this shit? / I’m a spaz,” with the use of the word “spaz” drawing criticism.Singer Lizzo Releases New Version Of 'Grrrls' After Backlash

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While in the United States and Canada the term is used as a verb meaning “to lose physical or emotional control,” in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world it is seen as a highly offensive slur against people with disabilities.Singer Lizzo Releases New Version Of 'Grrrls' After Backlash

Tweeters demanded that the artist issue an apology and take the offensive phrase out of the song. A fan tweeted, “@lizzo, please re-release ‘Grrrls’ without the ableist slur.” That word does not do disabled people any favors. Your fanbase spans the globe, and they listen to your music. We trust you, and we ask that you please release it without the offensive term.

Somebody else commented, “I’m disappointed in @lizzo for using the word “sp@z” in her new song “Grrrls.” In the year 2022, there is absolutely no reason for a song to include an ableist slur. Lizzo, who preaches inclusivity and is a champion for women, plus-size people, and others who society mistreats, could and should do better.

Greetings, @lizzo ‘Your new song makes me pretty angry + sad,’ another said. ‘My disability Cerebral Palsy is literally classified as Spastic Diplegia (where spasticity refers to endless painful tightness in my legs). ‘Spaz’ does not mean crazy or overly anxious. The term is used to mock people with disabilities. It’s 2022. In other words, up to your game.

Someone else chimed in, saying, “If you’ve never been bullied and called a spazz or a spastic because of your disability, you don’t get to decide whether or not Lizzo’s new song is offensive or not.” Get the f*ck off my lawn!

Others, however, claimed genuine surprise and confusion at the outcry, stating things like, “I have never in my life known this alleged word Lizzo used to be offensive or a slur?”

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I’ve only recently learned that word is offensive, so I seriously doubt Lizzo intended any harm.

Some people pushed back against the claim that the term isn’t considered offensive in the United States, suggesting that the mixed reactions were indicative of a cultural divide. One Twitter user explained, “Since I live in the United States and I know several disabled people who find the word spaz offensive, I must conclude that the word is indeed offensive in the United States.”

Just because someone tells you it’s acceptable because its slang doesn’t make it so. Young people are cruel and make fun of each other using this word.

A portion of the statement reads, “It has been brought to my attention that there is a harmful word in my new song ‘GRRRLS.’ In no way do I ever intend to advocate for the use of offensive language, so let me be clear on that point.

I overstated the power of words because, as a fat black woman in America, I have had many hurtful words used against me (whether intentionally or in my case, unintentionally). Here’s some good news: the lyrics to “Grrrls” have been updated in a new recording.

This is what happened because I paid attention and took appropriate action. As a world-famous musician with a mission to help bring about the transformation I’ve longed for, I can’t wait to see what you do next.”

The first lines of the updated version of “Grrrls” are, “Hold my bag, bitch / Hold my bag / Do you see this shit? / Hold me back.”Singer Lizzo Releases New Version Of 'Grrrls' After Backlash

Of course, Lizzo was immediately lauded for her responsiveness to the backlash, with many fans expressing gratitude to the star for hearing their concerns and acting upon them.Singer Lizzo Releases New Version Of 'Grrrls' After Backlash

Many fans said the star restored their “hope in humanity” and that other celebrity should study her response. Singer Lizzo Releases New Version Of 'Grrrls' After Backlash

I really want to give flowers to Lizzo. She raised the bar for responsibility. Within three days, she responded to concerns raised by the disabled community and reissued the song. Someone tweeted, “I want it to be remembered that a Black woman set the precedent for what accountability should be.

Someone else put it this way: “Lizzo just displayed how to learn and fix your mistakes with grace. I think other artists should take a cue from how she handled well-deserved criticism.

A true legend. Remember this. In other words, you just demonstrated excellent allyship. Don’t just get defensive and close down; instead, listen and adjust your behavior. Thanks again, @Lizzo,” someone else tweeted. You’ve restored some of the hope this disabled little creature had in humanity.

I want to give Lizzo her flowers. She set the bar for accountability. Within three days she acknowledged the concerns of the disabled community and is rereleasing the song. I want it to be remembered that a Black woman set the precedent for what accountability should be.

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Special’s second single, “Grrrls,” is set for release on July 15. That song that kicks off the album, “In April, the album “About Damn Time” was released, and it quickly became a fan favorite.

As of this writing, Lizzo’s YouTube channel is the only place you can hear the revised version of the song. Following the success of her previous single “About Damn Time,” which was a hit on the popular TikTok video-sharing platform, Lizzo has released the second single from her upcoming studio album, “Special,” titled “Grrrls.” On July 15th, expect the new album from Nice Life Recording Company/Atlantic Records.