Meet The Locke & Key Season 3 Cast: Who’s In The Fantasy Series?

The Locke family is in more peril than ever before in the show’s penultimate season, streaming on Netflix. Now that season 3 of the Netflix original series Locke & Key has premiered, we can say goodbye to the Locke family and the Keyhouse.

Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son) and Gabriel Rodriguez created the comic book series upon which Locke & Key is based. The Keyhouse, the ancient home of the Locke family, plays an important role in this tale. After their father is murdered by one of his old students, Nina Locke takes her three children, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode, to the Massachusetts home where he was raised.

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They learn there that Keyhouse has its own secrets, all of which are connected to their family’s past. All about the house, you’ll find a set of keys that can unlock various doors and cabinets. As an example, the Mind Key can be used to enter one’s own or another person’s mind. Some keys can manipulate the activities of others, while others can make you appear to die or move you to another location. It goes without saying that there are humans and demons alike who would try everything to get their hands on the keys because of the immense power they hold.

Let’s Meet The Cast Of Locke & Key Season 3 

Kinsey Locke is played by Emilia Jones.

In this role, Emilia Jones gives life to Kinsey Locke. Being the only girl among the Locke children, she has always viewed life at the Keyhouse through a unique lens. Fearless after using the Head Key, she was better able to acclimate to her new life and school. When her older brother leaves, the dynamic will change and she’ll be responsible for keeping her younger brother Bode out of trouble.

Where have you seen Emilia Jones before?

Jones’s appearance as Merry was in the 2013 episode “The Rings of Akhaten” of Doctor Who. She was also a regular cast member on Utopia. Jones won an Oscar for her performance as Ruby in the 2021 film CODA. Ruby is a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) who must choose between supporting her family and following her own path. Jones’s performance earned her a nomination for a British Academy Film Award (BAFTA) for Best Leading Actress. You can keep up with Jones on Twitter and Instagram.

Tyler Locke is played by Connor Jessup. 

As the eldest Locke sibling, Tyler, Connor Jessup plays that role. With his father no longer around, he has stepped up to the plate to help out around the house and make sure his siblings are okay. But as his eighteenth birthday approaches, that will soon change. If an adult doesn’t utilize the Memory Key, they’ll forget the key’s magical power. Tyler’s reluctance to use the key indicates that he wants to be done with the house’s enchantment, but he may not be able to in Season 3.

Where have you seen Connor Jessup before?

Jessup, a Canadian native, has made multiple film and television appearances over the years. Some of her credits include American Crime, The Saddle Club, and Falling Skies. Additionally, Jessup lent his voice to the Falling Skies computer game and appears in the Falling Skies: The Enemy Within miniseries. You can follow Jessup on Twitter and Instagram.

Bode Locke is played by Jackson Robert Scott.

Bode Locke, the youngest of his family, was hit particularly hard by his father’s passing. As Bode tries to cope with his loss and adjust to his new life, the relocation to Keyhouse is bound to be an exciting journey for him. It is he who learns of the keys’ mystical properties. Season 3 opens with Bode’s discovery of a new key to time travel. There’s a lot of potential for exciting new experiences, but also a great deal of danger.

Have you seen Jackson Robert Scott anywhere else?

Jackson Anybody who has seen a lot of horror films has probably seen Robert Scott before. In the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s It, he played the role of the tragic youngster Georgie. Aside from his role as Bode on Locke & Key, Jackson also starred as Billy in the critically acclaimed Disney Plus series Wandavision. You can follow Scott on Twitter and Instagram

Nina Locke is played by Darby Stanchfield.

After the death of her husband, Nina Locke must uproot her three children and move across the country. Having demons on the loose and strange things happening in a magical home don’t help, either. She can now see the difficulties her children have been experiencing thanks to the Memory Key. Good, because they’ll need each other’s help to survive Season 3.

If you’ve seen Darby Stanchfield before, where was it?

Over the years, Stanchfield has played a variety of notable characters, such as Abby on Scandal and Shannon on NCIS. She had roles on Mad Men and Jericho in the early 2000s. You can follow Stanchfield on Twitter and Instagram

Capt. Frederick Gideon is played by Kevin Durand

Matheson is the new main adversary of Locke & Key’s final season. Kevin Durand plays Captain Frederick Gideon, a British soldier who moved to colonial Massachusetts and became possessed by a demon. Captain Gideon is brought back to life at the end of Season 2 and immediately begins searching for the Locke family’s set of magical keys. For his part, Durand is no stranger to roles inspired by comic novels.

Notable roles include Fred Dukes in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, although he has also made appearances in Lost, Dark Angel, and Resident Evil: Retribution. You can follow Durand on Instagram.

Ellie Whedon is played by Sherri Saum

Ellie Whedon is a former Keeper of the Keys and a longtime friend of Rendell Locke’s from their youth together, therefore she has a wealth of knowledge about the Keyhouse magic. Ellie’s mental anguish over her prior involvement with the keys and her struggle to return to normalcy after spending nearly all of Season 2 confined within the Black Door is portrayed with heartbreaking pathos by Sherri Saum. In 1999, Saum received recognition for her stirring performance on Sunset Beach by being nominated for a Daytime Emmy.

In addition to her work in Roswell, New Mexico, she has also appeared in the films Good Trouble and The Fosters. You can follow Saum on Twitter and Instagram.

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Duncan Locke is played by Aaron Ashmore

Aaron Ashmore, who is well-known for his roles in Veronica Mars, Smallville, and Designated Survivor (and who will soon be seen in the upcoming second season of Ginny & Georgia on Netflix), plays the hilarious Uncle Duncan on Locke & Key.

He finally ties the knot with his longtime partner Brian this season, and the ceremony and reception are held at Keyhouse, where plenty of real and imagined enchantment abounds. You can follow Ashmore on Twitter and Instagram.

Josh Bennett is played by Brendan Hines

Brendan Hines’ character, Josh Bennett, relocated to Matheson last year because of family ties there. Josh and his daughter Jamie have relocated here after his wife’s death in the hopes of starting over. Josh is a history teacher at Matheson Academy, where Nina enrolls in his class. The couple begins dating but puts their budding romance on hold as they each deal with the loss of a spouse. Could Season 3 be the time they finally get back together? Hines and Stanchfield have collaborated before, so this isn’t the pair’s first rodeo. Both of them were in the first season of Scandal. In addition to Lie to Me and Suits, Hines has appeared in The Tick. You can follow Hines on Instagram.

Rufus Whedon is played by Coby Bird

In the role of Bode’s best friend and groundskeeper at Keyhouse, Rufus Whedon (Ellie’s son), Coby Bird gives a convincing performance. After his mother’s miraculous escape through the Black Door, Rufus moves back to Matheson from Nebraska and tries to persuade Ellie that this is where they are supposed to stay. You wouldn’t know it from watching her, but Bird is a relative newcomer to the acting world. She has only been in a handful of other programs, such as Speechless, The Good Doctor, and the web series Love Daily.

We’ll be saying our goodbyes to the Lockes and Keyhouse Manor soon, but not before one final season’s worth of enchantment. In Season 3, the Locke family will get back together with their pals and head back to Earth, where they will finish off a strange and fascinating saga with a new major antagonist. This is a quick recap of everyone you’ll be seeing in Season 3 of Locke & Key, along with the actors who play them, before we dive into the climax of their journey. Season 3 of Locke & Key may be viewed instantly on Netflix.