Loona’s Choerry Has Launched a Personal Instagram Account

Loona’s Choerry: Choerry of LOONA has started her own Instagram account. Choerry now has her own Instagram account, too, much as Jinsoul did. The LOONA fanbase is looking forward to hearing more from Jinsoul and Choerry on social media.

Loona's Choerry
Loona’s Choerry

After they were two of the four members to successfully sue and cancel their exclusive contracts with BlockBerry Creative. Read on for information about Choerry’s Instagram account.

Loona’s Choerry

Choerry (Hangul: ) is the second sub-eighth unit’s revealed member and a member of LOONA. Choi Ye-rim (Hangul) was born on June 4, 2001, in Bucheon, South Korea. She first appeared on stage with the group on July 12, 2017, and on July 28, 2017, she dropped her debut solo album, titled Choerry.

Choerry was born in Bucheon, South Korea on June 4th, 2001. Her younger sister was born in 2008, making her the eldest of three girls. Her dad owns a machine shop. They went to Yeo-weol Primary School. Choerry, then just seven years old, covered Son Dam-“Saturday bi’s Night” in a dance performance that aired on an episode of Happy Time, Fantastic Mates in 2009.

Choerry covered Taeyeon’s “The Blue Night of Jeju Island” on April 23, 2016, at a festival. After auditioning for the role, Choerry won the role. Later, in either late 2015 or early 2016, she aced her audition for Polaris/BlockBerry Creative and joined the group’s training program alongside group mates HaSeul and YeoJin. Choerry and HaSeul were fellow trainees at Polaris-BlockBerry, and they commuted to work together.

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