Representative From Blockberry Creative Responds to LOONA’s Comeback Reports

LOONA’s Comeback Reports: In response to an earlier exclusive revelation that suggested girl group LOONA might return in January 2023, a representative from BlockBerry Creative has spoken out.

A representative for BlockBerry Creative stated to the press on December 7th, “Although LOONA has started getting things ready for a comeback, no one knows when exactly that will occur.

We expect to make a statement once the schedule has been finalised.” Several news outlets also corrected an error in the exclusive article, saying that LOONA will be returning with 11 members rather than 10.

In that case, this would be LOONA’s first promotion as a full 11-member unit since Chuu’s departure in November.

LOONA's Comeback Reports
LOONA’s Comeback Reports


Blockberry Creative’s Loona is a South Korean girl group. The group’s pre-debut project kicked off in October 2016, and over the course of the next 18 months, each of the 12 members would be unveiled gradually via the release of a promotional single.

They made their first appearance as a group with the release of the EP [+ +] (2018), which featured the singles “Favorite” and “Hi High” as their promotional singles. Chuu was cut from the cast in November of 2022.

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