Lou Sulola Samuel Net worth and Family Updates 2022!

Lou Sulola Samuel is Heidi Klum and Seal’s child. “Seal” is an R&B singer from the United Kingdom, and “Kulm” is a gorgeous former Victoria’s Secret angel. They also have two other children. Also, Seal is the father of Kulm’s eldest daughter from an earlier union with another man. Lou, a 12-year-old girl, lives with her mother and three younger siblings. Ever since I can remember, it’s been the talk of the town.

Full Name

Lou Sulola Samuel


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Born On

October 9, 2009


Los Angeles, California, USA

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Lou Sulola Samuel’s Early Life and Career

Los Angeles, California, welcomed her into the world on the 9th of October, 2009. You will be 12 in 2021, making her a Libra at that point in time. Heidi Klum and Seal have a daughter, Lou, who is their only child. It’s no secret that her mother is a well-known German model and producer, and her father is an award-winning musician.

Her nationality is American, and your ethnicity differs. In her early years, she was spoiled by her well-to-do upbringing. Helen, Johann, and Henry were her three brothers.

Lou Sulola Samuel Education

She’s still in school because she’s 13 years old. In spite of this, her school’s procedures and structures are kept secret.

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Sulola Samuel Personal life & Family

Lou Sulola Samuel is currently doing her schooling at home. 2005 was the year her parents were married. It was revealed in February 2004 that Seal, Lou’s father, had begun seeing Heidi Klum, Lou’s mother. The wedding took place on May 10, 2005, just a few miles from Seal’s home on the Kaleis coast in Mexico.

Heidi Samuel was born four years after Kulm formally adopted her husband’s surname. At 5:05 PM on May 5, 2004, Helen “Leni” Boshoven Kulm was born to her father, Kulm. Her ex-boyfriend had a child with her. Seal adopted Reni in 2009, making her their first dog.

Family and relatives

Father Seal
Mother Heidi Klum
Aunt Tanya Samuel
Grandparents Erna Klum, Günther Klum, Adebisi Samuel, Francis Samuel
Siblings Leni Olumi Klum, Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu Samuel
Social Media N/A

“Samuel” was eventually added to her name. The couple had two sons and a daughter after they married. Dash Henry Gunther Adeora Gunther On September 12, 2005, Samuel was born as the family’s oldest child. It was on 22 November 2006 that they welcomed their second child, Johann Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel.

Also on October 9, 2009, they welcomed their daughter Lou Throla Samuel. Seal and Klum called it quits in January of 2012, announcing their separation. In 2014, they divorced, but they remain close friends. Lou and her brother, however, remain under the care of their parents. Heidi Klum’s mother, Tom Kaulitz, is currently married to her.

Supermodel Mom- Heidi Klum

It is unnecessary to introduce Heidi. Her name is all she needs to identify herself. When she was 18, Kulm began her career as a model. In her career, she has walked the runway for some of the world’s most renowned designers.

She walked the runway at Victoria’s Secret presentation to the New York Fashion Week with aplomb and grace. As a result, Kulm became one of the world’s most sought-after supermodels. Kulm was able to support herself completely through her modeling career. Even more impressive than her looks is her intelligence.

Thus, Kulm later delved into commerce and entertainment, as a result of this decision.’ TV shows have featured her in the past. Kulm did it all, from presenting the America’s Got Talent screening to hosting and screening the renowned reality show Project Runway.

Lou Sulola Samuel Net Worth and Salary

She is too young to begin her professional career. She may be a star child, but she certainly gets to bask in the opulence of her parents’ fortune.

But Seal, Lou’s father, is a British singer-songwriter with a fortune of $ 30 million. Similarly, her mother, Heidi Klum, is a supermodel-turned-business mogul, and it’s little wonder she’s saved an estimated $70 million in riches.

Even after working for Victoria’s Secret for 13 years, she didn’t experience a significant increase in her earnings. In contrast, in 2011, top models were able to increase their value by $ 20 million thanks to television ventures, fashion lines, and attractive brand advertising. Loyal to his family, Lou enjoys a lavish lifestyle that includes trips to exclusive hotels and luxurious vacations with his siblings and parents.

Height and Age

This girl’s features include dark brown eyes and wavy brown hair. There is yet no information about the gorgeous girl’s height or weight. She’ll grow into a stunning young lady with the passage of time and experience.

Final Lines

She hasn’t been on any social networking sites in a while. As a source of information, you might examine her parents’ social media accounts.