Louis Partridge Girlfriend Details 2022- Is Louis Dating Lulu or Not?

Lord Tewkesbury’s actor, Louis Partridge, is well-known. While the actor has worked on a few other films prior to Netflix’s Enola Holmes, the 18-year-old is best recognized for his collaboration with Millie Bobby Brown in the film.

Millie and Louis were rumored to be dating because of their on-screen connection, but both stars refuted the reports. They still hang out regularly, share photos of each other on social media, and say they are simply close friends.

They quickly dispelled fans’ expectations after Louis Partridge and Millie Bobby Brown were shipped. Still, Partridge’s admirers were left wondering who the actor is dating if he and Millie have nothing in common. Let us see what happens.

Louis Partridge Girlfriend

Louis Partridge appears to be still unmarried, despite his high social media activity. We would have known about his relationship if he had one. The 18-year-old has not indicated that he is dating in any of his social media posts, but he does have a dog.

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Louis Partridge, who plays Lord Tewkesbury on Netflix’s Enola Holmes, has previously admitted to having a girlfriend. Millie and Louie joined the actors of “Seventeen” and took part in “17 Questions” to promote their picture, during which Louis Partridge admitted to having his heart destroyed previously.

He wouldn’t confirm his ex-identify, or girlfriend’s but he did admit to being in a relationship. After all, why would you want to expose their ex-identity? Girlfriends Following the video’s publication, other rumors surfaced, many of which we doubt is true. Regardless, they will be included in this section.

Lulu is the name of Louis Partridge’s Girlfriend

Following Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge’s denials of dating rumors and rejections of their admirers, many speculated about their 18-year relationship, leading to this new theory. Louis Partridge is said to be dating Lulu, his long-time sweetheart, according to his fans.

We don’t know who Lulu, Louis Partridge’s purported girlfriend, is. We were becoming increasingly bewildered as we tried to figure out the answer. We uncovered two possibilities after combing through extensive posts on every social media platform available: either Lulu is Louis’s girlfriend, or she is Louis’s cousin. Consider how puzzling that is.


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Following many sightings of Louis and his alleged girlfriend, Lulu, together, Louis’s fans suspected the two were romantically linked. The images that have been circulating the internet were not found on any of Partridge’s social media sites, lending credibility to the allegations.

Despite repeated queries, even Partridge has never confirmed or denied that he is dating Lulu. For the time being, the only conclusion we can draw is that Louis Partridge is still single and will not be married by 2021. Louis has a girlfriend, according to fans. So, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to learn the truth.

Final Lines

Louis Partridge has inked a deal with Legendary Pictures to star in Ferryman, an epic fantasy romance picture based on Claire McFall’s worldwide bestselling YA trilogy. Partridge’s first role was in Legendary’s YA film Enola Holmes, which went on to become one of Netflix’s top ten most-watched original films.

The star will next be seen in Danny Boyle’s Pistol, a six-part television series for FX in which he will portray Sid Vicious, the renowned bassist of the Sex Pistols, in what looks to be a promising role. Since then, Louis has appeared in Medici and Paddington 2 as G-Man.

Lord Tewksbury, the love interest of Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes, also had a role in Amazon Adventures as Young Henry Bates. Enola Holmes features Louis Partridge as Lord Tewksbury. As a young Viscount, Tewkesbury flees from his family because he is unsure of what they have in store for him.

Enola and he becomes good friends and comrades after meeting on her trip to find her mother.