Love Is Blind Divorce: Why are Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl divorcing?

The divorce proceedings between Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones, formerly of Love is Blind, have begun. People magazine has seen court paperwork showing that McNeely officially filed for divorce from Jones on September 23 through the Circuit Court of Cook County. McNeely, also 28, has retained the services of a Chicago attorney named Amanda Oliver, while Jones, also 28, will be representing himself.

Jones stated in response to PEOPLE: “Most people know by now that Iyanna and I have broken up. By doing this, we are continuing to implement our plan to divorce. I hope the best for Iyanna in anything she does from here on out. I appreciate everyone’s patience and compassion as we work through this challenging period.”

Iyanna McNeely, star of Love Is Blind, is done with the show and ready for the next chapter of her life. McNeely and Jones’s romance was explored in the second season of the hit Netflix show. During the series finale, they tied the knot with Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson. The divorce was announced in August. A year after their wedding, the news spread that Ruhl, 29, and Thompson, 36, had decided to divorce.

McNeely and Jones issued a joint statement reading, “After considerable contemplation, we’re sad to share that we have separated and will begin the process of divorcing.” “While our hearts are still joined in love, our paths in life are taking us in different directions, and that’s fine.” McNeely and Jones said they will “always wish each other the very best” even though “coming to this choice was far from easy.”

We ask for your privacy as we finish this chapter of our lives,” they continued. “We appreciate the support of our loved ones, who have shown their unconditional affection for us throughout this difficult time. Thank you so much to everyone at Netflix, and the Love Is Blind family for giving me this incredible chance. We can’t express how much happiness and love you’ve brought into our life.”

The last part of their statement read: “We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and each other, and vulnerability and love, thanks to this experience. Nothing about this has made us feel regretful.” In light of the upcoming Love Is Blind: After the Altar special in September, McNeely recently discussed the show’s ultimate effect on their marriage.

Last month, she noted on the Diary of an Empath podcast, “Every time something like the season premiere coming out or After the Altar coming out, there’s always the understanding that the stability of our marriage will be in the spotlight again.” “So with Jarrett and I going through the struggles that we were, even as recently as before we chose to separate, it was just heavy on my mind again; we’re going to have to explain ourselves,” she continued. “

An impetus to settle on the answer to the question “is this going to work or not?” was felt. A year has passed, and the same problems keep cropping up.” On October 19, Love Is Blind will again be available on Netflix for a third season.

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