Is There Any Chances That Love Is Blind Season 4 Will Be Renewed?

Love Is Blind Season 4: Is there any chance that Love is Blind will be renewed for a fourth season after today’s massive debut on Netflix? Maybe we’ve reached the end of the line. Those who may still be on the fence about this article’s main point should rest assured that the reality TV hit will be returning for more in the future; we’ll get to that in a moment.

Although it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, the streaming service has officially renewed it until season 5. Next on the agenda is determining the premiere date for Season 4. These renewals were made months in advance, so we don’t expect Netflix to keep us waiting forever.

They made a huge mistake by not at least attempting to maintain some of the current moment. Since there were two seasons released in 2018, next year could see the release of four. If that’s the case, we might get one in the late winter/early spring and another one in the autumn.

Meanwhile, next year’s late spring/summer could be the perfect time for Netflix to release a single season if they choose to do so. We don’t think they need to worry too much about flooding the market with Love is Blind because it’s a light and easy movie.

Only if they began airing three seasons each year and had it on nearly nonstop like Bachelor Nation is doing now, would they have any cause for fear. It doesn’t seem to be occurring to us.

Love Is Blind Season 4
Love Is Blind Season 4

Will There Be A Love Is Blind Season 4?

Season 4 and Season 5 are definitely happening. The fourth season has already been shot! In May 2022, keen observers in the Seattle region noticed Love Is Blind film crews, which suggests that the Season 4 weddings either occurred in June 2022 or did not occur. The location of filming Season 5 is currently unknown.

Has Love Is Blind Season 4 Started Casting?

It appears like casting for season four of Love Is Blind has begun, as the show’s online application is now available. Candidates must be over the age of 21 and answer over 70 questions about themselves, their past relationships, and their views on marriage. It will be interesting to see who gets put into the pods this time.

When Was Love Is Blind Season 4 Confirmed?

Already in the works for some time, Netflix announced the fourth season of Love Is Blind in March 2022. Season 2 had just finished airing, and season 3 had already been ordered. The streaming service then declared that Seasons 4 and 5 of LIB would be forthcoming, with new locations for each.

Love Is Blind Season 4
Love Is Blind Season 4

When Will Love Is Blind Season 3 Come Out On Netflix?

It hasn’t been officially stated yet, but we can probably figure it out. Season 4 of Love Is Blind will most likely launch around Valentine’s Day 2023, given it was the first year the show committed to a two-seasons-a-year schedule. Season 5 might then premiere in late 2023, probably around October or November.

The one hitch in this approach is that new seasons of Love Is Blind have traditionally taken a very long time to premiere the following filming. The second season was shot in the summer of 2020 but didn’t air until February 2022.

Shooting for Season 3 began in the summer of 2021, but fans had to wait until October 2022 to see the finished product. Season 4 wouldn’t premiere until fall/winter 2023 if that were to happen, which is far too long to wait.

That’s why it’s more likely than not that Netflix and Love Are Blind have found their stride and the show will have two annual season premieres, one in the spring and one in the fall.

Season 4 is expected to premiere in 2023, so let’s suppose it will air around Valentine’s Day or sometime in the spring. When new details about Love Is Blind Season 4 become available from Netflix, Decider will add them here.

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