Love Island UK Season 9: How to watch Winter Love Island 2023?

Returning to the villa, A former Bond girl and other competitors hoping for love this winter are among the cast of Love Island UK season 9. The original Love Island, Love Island UK, had its television debut on ITV in 2005; it wasn’t until it was revived for ITV2 in 2015 that it became the popular reality dating program we know and love today.

Seven seasons of Love Island UK have aired since it was revived in 2015. It has inspired other international spinoffs in nations like the United States, Australia, South Africa, and Spain. It has also resulted in real-life marriages and births for couples who met while competing, including Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey from season 2, who are married and have two children, and Camilla.

Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt, from season 3, are expecting a child in 2020. The show is one of the most popular series in the UK. Who is the cast of Love Island UK season 9? Continue reading to learn more about the release date, cast members of Love Island UK season 9, and the couples in Love Island UK.

When will Love Island UK Season 9 be Released on ITV2?

On January 16, 2023, the series’ first episode was aired on ITV2 in the UK. After it has been broadcast for two weeks, it will be made accessible on Hulu in the US. You will need ExpressVPN to view Season 9: Winter Love Island since the service is geo-restricted owing to licensing requirements.

Who’s in the Love Island UK season 9 cast?

Will Young, Farmer Will Young, 23, is from Buckinghamshire, England. He arrived on the first day and was an original Islander. “Since I grew up on a farm, balancing relationships and jobs has proven challenging. Thanks to Love Island, I’ll have time away from the farm to spend it looking for love.

Will stated in a press release for Love Island UK season 9 that he believes he is now mature enough to look for a marriage. He said, “Good energy, I’m a bit of a cheeky person, good vibes, and good to be around,” when asked what he believes he contributes to the villa. Will said, “Honestly?

I don’t think there’s any reason why I think I’m single. Likely a problem with commitment. Sometimes when I have a good thing going, I self-sabotage. I enjoy having my own space and time; I only worry about myself and don’t worry about anything else.

Love Island UK Season 9
Love Island UK Season 9

Tanyel Revan, An English hairstylist from North London, Tanyel Revan is 26 years old. She arrived on the first day and was a native of the island. “I believe the encounter will be fantastic! In a press release for Love Island UK season 9, Tanyel said, “I feel like I am ready to meet someone and push myself out of my comfort zone to meet someone who’s not my traditional ‘bad boy’ type.

She said, “Energy, confidence, I’m hilarious, loud, feisty, and charismatic,” when asked what she believes she adds to the villa. Tanyel’s response, when asked why she thinks she is single, was, “I’m single because I’m so picky. I’ve had negative and positive dating experiences, which have shaped who I am today.

Tanya Manhenga, An influencer and student of biomedical science from Liverpool, England, Tanya Manhenga is 22 years old. She arrived on the first day and was a native Islander. In a press release for Love Island UK season 9, Tanya said, “I’m looking for a boyfriend, and I think being in a villa with lots of different individuals will help me work out who I may like.”

“I’m adorable, but don’t let it fool you,” she continued about the qualities she believes she brings to the villa. I want to get along with everybody, but I’m reciprocating if you want to be cheeky. I’ll provide positive thoughts and energy. Tanya said, “It might be trust concerns,” in response to why she believes she is single. I don’t believe in men. Some people want to take things seriously very quickly, but I don’t trust them sufficiently.

Shaq Muhammad, A 24-year-old airport security guard from London, England, is named Shaq Muhammad. He arrived on the first day and was an original Islander. “Previous relationships haven’t gone well for me. So I reasoned, why not enjoy the sunshine and possibly run into my soul mate? I’m hoping to do that with my future bride. Whom I aspire to wed someday. Shaq said in a press release for the ninth season of Love Island UK, “Hopefully, she’s in the villa.

Regarding the qualities he believes he will bring to the villa, he stated, “I get along with people in general, so I think people will be drawn to me naturally. I’m a charming individual. I prioritize myself, and I’m not afraid to pursue my goals, even if they mean stepping on others’ toes or doing things like that.

Shaq said, “I have dated, but no one’s just clicked entirely on all levels with me, which is why I think I’m single. If I don’t feel that a relationship is right for me, I don’t tend to rush into it. I’m not insisting that you check every box; we need to get along and be on the same page. So I’m going to remain single until I find someone like that.

Ron Hall, From Essex, England, comes Ron Hall, a 25-year-old financial advisor. He arrived on the first day and was an original Islander. It’s the best show, in my opinion, to find love on. I had it in my head that by the time I was 25, perhaps, 27, I’d be settled down, married, and it’s getting very close to that time. Now is a fantastic time to push me into that challenging environment. I don’t text or use dating apps because it feels forced.

Olivia Hawkins, Olivia Hawkins, a ring girl, and actress from Brighton, England, is 27 years old. She arrived on the first day and was a native Islander. In a press release for Love Island UK season 9, Olivia said, “I’m 27 and have never been in a relationship, so I feel like now I’m ready to settle down and maybe find the love of my life.”

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