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Love, Victor Season 3: Release Date Status, Actors, Trailer And Latest News

The third season of Hulu and Star’s Love, Victor, the story of queer high schooler Victor Salazar, has been officially renewed for a third season (Michael Cimino).

The second season was released in its entirety in the United States, where viewers binge-watched it in a matter of days, but in the United Kingdom, new episodes have been released weekly, with the season’s finale set for Friday, August 20th.

There are a few spoilers on this page, so if you don’t want to find out what happens next for Victor after a season filled with unexpected turns, don’t read any further.

Find out everything you need to know about the upcoming third season of Love, Victor, including the premiere date, cast, and trailer.

Love Victor Season 3 Released-

It’s official: Hulu and Disney+’s Love, Victor will return for a third season. Even though the streamer verified the announcement in July 2021 on social media, he didn’t specify a release date beyond 2022.

As a result, the show’s third season is likely to begin around mid-June in order to capitalise on Pride Month, which is also the month in which the first two seasons premiered.

Love, Victor Season 3 Cast-

Even though Hulu hasn’t released the full cast list for Love, Victor season 3, fans can expect Michael Cimino to reprise his role as Victor Salazar.

Benji Campbell’s boyfriend George Sear (Alex Rider) also appears on the show, but their relationship’s future has been called into question following the season finale.

Season two ended with a cliffhanger in which Victor showed up at someone’s door, but it’s not clear if he was seeing Benji or his new crush, Rahim, who is played by Anthony Keyvan.

In addition to James Martinez and Ana Ortiz as Victor’s parents, Armando and Isabel, and Isabella Ferreira and Mateo Fernandez as his siblings Pilar and Adrian, the Love, Victor cast also features Isabella Ferreira and Mateo Fernandez.

Felix is played by Anthony Turpel, Bebe Wood portrays Lake Meriwether and Rachel Hilson portrays Mia Brooks and Mason Gooding portrays famous jock Andrew.

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Love, Victor Season 3 Trailer-

A collection of significant scenes from the second season was released by Hulu when it was confirmed that the show will be renewed for a third season.

“I GUESS WE WILL FIND OUT WHO IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR,” actor Michael Cimino captioned a re-post of the clip to Instagram.

Season two ended with an emotional cliffhanger in which Victor had to choose between continuing his relationship with Benji and starting a new one with Rahim.

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Do you know whether there are any new characters that we may look forward to seeing? To be honest, we have no idea. Although the plot lines are diverging, I believe we can safely assume that some new players will join the ensemble and cause a tad of chaos in Victor’s life. Of course, none of this bothers us.

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