BIGBANG’s Hyung Line As Magazine Cover Stars In 2022

Magazine Cover Stars In 2022: Under Y.G. Entertainment, BIGBANG is one of the most iconic K-pop groups in history. BIGBANG made their long-awaited return to the music industry following a four-year break on April 4 with the single digital track “Still Life” and its music video.

This was one of K-most pop’s anticipated comebacks. In addition to their comebacks, all three members of BIGBANG’s “Hyung line” made separate cover appearances for various magazines this year. Choi Seung-Hyun, better known by his stage as T.O.P., is BIGBANG’s oldest member and a rapper.

BIGBANG's Hyung Line As Magazine Cover Stars In 2022
BIGBANG’s Hyung Line As Magazine Cover Stars In 2022

He was on the cover of a magazine for the first time in a long time. T.O.P., who has been out of the public eye for five years, graces the cover of PRESTIGE Hong Kong’sMarch issue. In an interview with PRESTIGE Hong Kong, he talked about the arts, how they inspired him, his life over the last five years, and how music helped him get through difficult times.

In this interview, he also discussed BIGBANG, his future solo album, his wine label, and his entertainment organization. T.O.P. was identified last month as one of eight persons who will join Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa as crew members on the “deer moon” expedition next year. This will be the first all-civilian moon mission.

Dong Young-Bae, BIGBANG’s second-oldest member, is the group’s main vocalist. Taeyang, which translates to “sun” in Korean, is his stage name. He was featured on the cover of a special issue of the magazine “Marie Claire” for the “KIAF Seoul 2022,” which was shared by Marie Claire on September 2 and drew a lot of attention from his followers.

After more than two years, he was recognized as a cover star. He talked about his life and opinions on art and beauty in the conversation. He also mentioned his wife and child during the conversation. Meanwhile, Taeyang recently changed his company name from Y.G. Entertainment to The Black Label.

He is also expected to make a solo return early next year. According to speculations, Jimin from B.T.S. will appear on the upcoming album. Kwon Ji-Yong, alias G-Dragon, is a rapper and the leader of BIGBANG. He is known as the King of K-pop.

G.D. was featured on the covers of various magazines shortly after completing his mandatory military service. He was on the covers of two magazines, Vogue and Elle, in 2022. With his appearances in the July 2022 Vogue Korea and Taiwan issues, G.D. captivated his admirers.

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Vogue released images of G.D.’s cover on June 13, which stunned fans. In addition, he appeared on the surface of Elle magazine’s 30th Anniversary issue, which will be released in November 2022. G-Dragon sported CHANEL styles for the bodies of both magazines.

On the other hand, G-Dragon is believed to make a solo comeback next year. Occasionally, he may be seen posting images of himself in the gym on his Instagram account. Fans think he is preparing to make a comeback.

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